Sunday, May 22, 2011

We all need help with our goals

What a wonderful weekend!!!! It kicked off with a boxing class and ended with a 5 mile run with J. I've had some time to do a little reflection this weekend too...maybe it's because I start classes again in a couple of days, maybe it's because I like to self-observe, maybe it doesn't matter why. So, I did a little reflection on my semester break these past few weeks, and you know what? Overall, I've been happy, not stressed, relatively carefree, I've spent time with my friends, I've gotten lots of exercise, and I've seen my body change with a little bit of work. I want this to continue! My challenge is to find a way to make part of all that happen while taking classes at the same time.

We all need balance in our lives and some are better at finding it than me. I'm working on it. Trouble is, when I find something I like, I don't know how to give less than 110%. I love school, I give it all of my time and thoughts. There's not much room for much else. So, how am I going to try to find some balance here?? Well, for the short term, I have my fitness goal of continuing to go to boxing class on Friday nights. I also asked J for her help. She and I have a bit of a tradition of Sunday night dinners. I asked her for help in keeping this up, to make me accountable to her. Spending time with friends is just as important to her as it is to me. We both have races coming up too, so the goal is to run and eat a healthy dinner.

We all need help to achieve our goals, no matter what they are. If my goals are school-related, I need the help of my classmates, my professors, and sometimes my boss. For my eating and fitness goals, I need and lean on my friends, instructors, followers and readers. I need you, because you help me stay on track. As we were running tonight, J and I talked about how we're good running partners for each other. We both push each other and we both feel that we need to push ourselves to be better for ourselves and for each other. We have a sense of accountability to each other.

For my eating and food plan, that's what you all are to me. If I wouldn't want to post it here, I probably shouldn't be eating it. Especially during the upcoming months, help me out. Let me know that you're reading. Post comments of encouragement, of how you identify, of your struggles, of your triumphs, of what you do to sit through a sugar craving, of how you motivate yourself to work-out when you'd rather watch tv, of anything that you're thinking about or wonder about or whatever. Just let me know that you're reading, I need that.

I actually went to a different Panera today...not going back though. I like 'mine' so much better. I didn't stop to get any fruit and they were all out. I did have a cappuccino, but it was in a to-go cup because they didn't have any clean real mugs. Like I said, I won't be going back to that one.

I grabbed a non-fat latte at the 'Bucks after this.

My friend A and I treated ourselves to brunch at Abe and Louie's!! I started with the fruit salad which was in a liquid that had honey in it...sooooo good! Of those pastries, I ate one mini cinnamon scone and one mini carrot-raisin muffin. YUM! Doesn't the whole thing look so elegant??

OK, before you freak, I ate less than 1/2 of those eggs and less than 1/2 of that steak. (You'll see the steak reappear on my salad tomorrow!) I put a little butter on the english muffin and added some ketchup to the potatoes.

The dinner that J and I made! Thin-sliced chicken breast with a light coating of bread crumbs, spaghetti squash, and salad with Ken's Italian dressing (some version with garlic and asiago cheese)

And, I'm having a 100 calorie bag of popcorn with some Kava tea as I write.


  1. heather, you had me at hello....i to need encouragement to stay on track with healthier eating. i think i'll be checking in with you more often. maybe we can compare shopping lists from week to week? as for exercising and how to squeeze it in...i've always heard that if you treat your workout time as an absolute appointment that's unbreakable that you'll be more likely to keep it up than if you view it as an expendable hour or half-hour. I intend on working out more as summer approaches...gimme a hand- send me a text every so often to make sure I'm not b.s.-ing my time away in front of my TV, ok?

  2. I love reading your blog. It has inspired me to be more aware of what I eat and commit more to my training. Signing up for a triathlon in August forces me to stay on track.