Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cravings as signals?

Woo hoo!!!! Second work-out of the week completed! 2 1/2 mile run around the reservoir and then down Beacon Street. Not bad. J is really good at pushing me when I run. Tonight, she's like, 'You can do it! You've got 20 pounds on me and you're doing great!' When we finished, she asked if her pushing me was helpful, or just pissing me off. Both!

So that was good...in other news, I ordered one of my books for classes this summer! Financial Management for Nonprofits. I'm looking forward to that!

So, I read something interesting today. I was poking around online and came across the Nutritionista. I'll be visiting again for some recipe ideas...but what caught my eye was the 10 Commandments of Food---one of them in particular. 'I accept that many cravings aren't just in my head. They can represent nutrients I'm lacking or stem from eating patterns I know how to break.' Good to know!! However, if I'm craving sugar...brownies, cake, cookies, ice cream, etc., then I know that my craving is NOT about missing nutrients. The same is probably true when I crave anything starchy.

This statement reminds me as well that I can  be my own worst enemy when it comes to cravings. I could be setting up a pattern...my body knows when it's time for that popcorn that I love soooo much! I also like that it acknowledges that we should listen to our bodies.

Anyway, third work-out of the week is scheduled for Friday (another boxing class) and possibly one on Saturday as well. Tonight, I'm tired and sore.

Oatmeal this morning and fresh berries

Mid-morning snack

De-lish salad with champagne vinaigrette dressing. The mustard in this dressing really stands out!

Afternoon snack! Baby bries from Trader Joe's, like a little slice of heaven....like the crack of the dairy world.

Take out from Whole Foods--salmon sushi with brown rice and a salad with chicken

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