Thursday, May 19, 2011

On track

Today was an uneventful day as food goes. It was also a day off from the gym. My plans had been to go see a play, but I ended up taking my cat to the vet. He's fine. He was due for his yearly check-up, but also has a small bald patch on his butt. I was afraid that his anal gland was about to abscess. It happened last summer and he had to be on antibiotics for 8 weeks! The poor little guy felt sick the entire time! And poor me had to put ointment on his ass for a good portion of that time. I'd rather not put ointment on my cat's ass again.

Anyway, I made three work-outs this week!! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tonight ended up being a night off. Tomorrow is boxing and Saturday is boxing. Tomorrow night is also BBQ night...let's just say that it won't be on the food plan. I did stay on plan today though!!! And see, for me, I need to stay on plan day to day so that I can have those 'special occasion' nights. BBQ is a special occasion night. Oh, I won't order dessert, but there'll be mac and cheese, ribs, BBQ sauce and corn bread! Even the collard greens can not be considered to be on my food plan...

My concern is not so much the fat in the ribs as it is the sugar in the sauces, or the baked beans, or the carbs in the mac and cheese. Luckily, I tend towards the spicier sauces more so than the sweet. But because I know the reaction that sugar and carbs set up in me, I'm concerned that eating them tomorrow will make me want more than my usual during the weekend. It's a slippery slope to watch out for with classes beginning next week and I'll be returning to a mainly sedentary lifestyle.

Speaking of classes beginning next week, it's time to set a new exercise goal. My first class meets two nights per week from 6pm to 9pm and runs through the end of June. So, during my first class, I want to go to boxing on Friday nights at minimum. Here's the thing, I'm usually so mentally exhausted at the end of the week that I'm not going to do schoolwork on a Friday night. I might as well try to go to boxing for a little exercise and some social time. So, classes start May 24th. Starting then, I commit myself to continue my healthy eating habits and working out once per week. I really need to get a run in at least once per, either boxing or a run and if I do both, it will be a bonus.

Don't those blueberries just look delish??

Pretty normal salad. I did have some salad dressing today, champagne vinaigrette. Adding corn yesterday worked to fight off carb cravings, so I did it again today.

A thin sliced pork chop, steamed green beans and some fried potatoes with garlic, adobo, cayene pepper and ketchup.

After dinner, I had popcorn and a bunch of mango. All that thinking about sugar is enough to make me want some. I don't actually have any sugary snacks in the house, but I can reach for fruit!

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