Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not so quiet night at home

You know what they say about best laid plans, right?? Well, I made plans to stay in, eat some dinner, read some, basically have a quite night. Then, my kitchen flooded! The water started backing up through the pipes last night. I called the building super but didn't hear back until I had to call the emergency line tonight. The water came up the pipes and filled the sink and kept coming up and spilled out over the floor and under the stove and cascaded down the cabinets! I had to use every towel I own to sop it up and STILL it wasn't enough. My neighbor came over and we literally bailed water out of the sink and poured it into the tub so that no more would spill over to the floor. When the super got there, even he was amazed at how tough a clog it was. He's going to get the plumber in tomorrow...and I'm going to buy new towels.

Believe it or not, this does relate to my eating. I couldn't do the dishes last night and didn't really want to dirty any more of them, so I made the decision to buy breakfast and lunch. The thought was that I'd be able to cook and use my kitchen by the time I got home. So my challenge today was eating healthy in the cafeteria...and not give in to the pizza. Turns out that was easy, but I have had a hankering for good buffalo wings lately. This one will go unsatisfied as you can not get good buffalo wings in Boston. (T, this means I'm getting ready for an NYC weekend since you found that place again!!) I lived up to the challenge and did not stray from the foods that I am supposed to be eating!

In other news, my book for my financial management class arrived today as well. So, I'm taking two classes this summer...Philanthropy, Policy & Fundraising and Financial Management for Nonprofits. No joke, I'm really looking forward to both! I started reading the intro of the fundraising book, and it turns out that the authors originally developed the book for their students at The George Washington University!!! How perfect is that for me!? In case you don't know, I went there for my undergrad degree. In case you didn't know, my undergrad degree is in Art History. Prepares me real well for an MBA, right?

Anyway, getting back to the sink thing...I'm kinda crazy and like to catastrophize things. I was convinced that I'd have to eat out for days and would mess up the progress I've been making. Hopefully, the plumber coming tomorrow will stave that off...although, I'll be buying my food again tomorrow. Oh, and now I need new towels too.

Cafeteria breakfast--melon, banana, oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon and a hard boiled egg...don't forget the grande americano!

Panera!!! It's how I avoided the pizza! Greek salad, bistro onion soup, side baguette and a cappuccino.

I was hungry on the T coming home, so I ate a mini-brie bite from TJ's.

Again, I had 3 tacos...they were the only thing that didn't really require dirtying any dishes.

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