Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I was afraid this would happen...

That's right. I was afraid this would happen. What would happen?? That I would get all involved in school and not blog my food. Well, the good news is that I've got all the pictures and will post them tonight. The bad news is that I've got a bunch of reading to do for class tomorrow, so I'm going to be very brief tonight.

Before posting pictures, I'll share with you my most amazing news E-V-E-R!!!! I can call it official...I've lost 11 pounds since starting my blog!!!!! I love results and I love seeing my body change and I love that my clothes fit better and I love that I feel good about myself and I love that I felt comfortable enough with my own body to buy some fairly fitted summer dresses!! Most of all, I love that I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with you!!!


Standard regular breakfast...I'm gettin' a little heavy on the fruit though!

mmmm, Greek salad with cucumbers, bistro onion soup, bread and cranberry hibiscus tea!

I love berry freeze!!

Look at all those veggies!!! I have to confess, I threw away a full bottle of ketchup. I read the ingredient list and there was high fructose corn syrup in it. Now, why on earth would you put that crap in ketchup??

Oh well.
In case you're wondering, Hunt's makes ketchup without HFC...so does Trader Joe's.


Um, do you think I eat at Panera a lot?? They all know me! It's like Cheers, without the beer...

See, it gets better!!! Greek salad with cucumbers AND a new soup!!!! Garden vegetable with pesto (that green stuff on top). It was yummy!!! The veggies were nice big chunks, they were grilled and there were plenty of them!! There was also barley...all for about 110 calories. What a deal!

My leftover veal from Saturday night...I was hungry and couldn't wait for dinner. The white stuff is the little bits of mashed potatoes that stuck to the meat.

Something NEW!!!!! Wow! Look at those veggies!

I did a salad with a homemade mustard dressing and a stir fry with chicken and brown rice...low sodium soy sauce too.


Back to (somewhat) normal breakfast...notice the lack of a whole grain though? It probably accounts for why I was hungry early today.

Normal lunch salad, no surprises there.

Dinner...a pork golubki and broccoli.

What's a golubki?? It's Polish--pork and rice rolled in a cabbage leaf with tomato sauce. YUMMY!!!!

And, my craving...I gave in! Every so often, you've got to give in!

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