Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keepin' it on the short-side

We had some incredible lightning storms in Boston tonight!! I walked out of class and the sky was amazing. There was this glow over the building I work in...the copper cupola was silhouetted against this eerie glow. The image was other-worldly and the lightning continued to flash across the entire sky right overhead! It really was like nothing I've ever seen!

So far, so good with the longest week of the semester. My eating is on track and I'm still planning on going to boxing on Friday. When I got home tonight, I tried on the new bathing suit I bought a couple weeks ago. Not bad!! I had to remember that, now, I'm right at about the same weight I was at last summer. Last summer, I made a beach trip with boys and wore a bikini. I'm kinda glad that I took a chance and bought a new bikini for this summer!! We'll see if I make to the beach or not though!

That's a skim milk latte in there...some scrambled eggs, oatmeal with cinnamon and fresh berries.

A little cauliflower to change up my salad. I added TJ's champagne vinaigrette today.

I also had an afternoon skim milk latte after lunch.

A little leftover stir fry with brown rice and some soy sauce. (hint, you're gonna see this meal one more time!)

On my way home, I had an apple and then some chips and salsa when I got home.

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