Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was so very brave today!

So, I knew that I had some good news to share today...but, guess what! IT GOT BETTER!!!! OK, so good news first...My weigh-ins this week put my weight down 16 pounds from when I started this blog!! How incredible is that!? Well, here's the better news. After running tonight, I was putting on some clean clothes and noticed how my bra was too big...I got brave and decided to try on an old pair of jeans. What do you know, they fit!!! A pair of size 12 jeans fit!! Before you get all, 'Well, I don't know what's so great about being a 12, I'm a 6...' Just three short months ago I was in a 16 and not pleased about it. Not pleased about it at all. And, outside of my pre-pubescent high school days, a 12 is the smallest that I've ever been!!

I love seeing results and I love sharing them with you.

Tomorrow morning is my big race, the one that I started running again for. I've got to get up pretty darned early. So, we'll move on to two days worth of eating...


Weird, I don't think I've had blueberries all week...

I can't believe I've had pizza twice lately...

And that's a little feta with kalmata olives on my salad.

After boxing class, we went to Frank's Steakhouse in Cambridge, or Somerville...I don't know, does it matter?? Well, we shared this onion 'loaf'...that's my boxing instructor's hand.

I did have a side salad too, but forgot to photograph it.

And this is how much was left of my filet and broccoli before I remembered to photograph it...


Panera for breakfast. And why do I love them so?? When the cappuccino machine was broken today, they steamed me some milk for my coffee anyway!

A snack to hold me over....

Berry Freeze plain yogurt with fresh mango and strawberries!

Yummy steak! Green peas and potatoes with some ketchup.

And the nachos that I'm such a sucker for!

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