Friday, June 10, 2011

Strange days

What a great and strange day! I know I said that I didn't need to think about school at all today, but I managed to read the chapter assigned for Tuesday night while on the train to and from boxing class. I'm feeling good about the homework situation this weekend so far. We'll see how it plays out. I've got a lot more to go.

On the strange end, I ran into my therapist on my lunch break today. I went to Panera. No surprise there. She goes there too and I've seen her there once before. Well, this time, I was directly behind her in line. Seeing her wasn't weird, what was weird is that this is a woman who I tell pretty much everything to, who knows pretty much everything this is to know about me and I can't have a social interaction with her without feeling insanely awkward! I mean, there's really no meaningful conversation she and I can have in public that won't compromise her position and my privacy. And on the flip side, I know next to nothing about her! It's not like I could ask about her life. This run-in really brought to the forefront of my attention that my relationship with her is completely one-sided! Which is weird, because that is what I pay her for...well, what Blue Cross pays her for. Anyway, I found myself wanting to ramble on about how I've noticed that the changes in my eating have really helped me manage stress. How committing myself to get some exercise and social time during each week has help me manage my stress too! It felt weird not to be able to tell her these things.

Anyway, I have noticed that since cutting the sugar (and getting past the cravings), I'm better equipped to deal with stress. Essentially, I'm 1/2 way through the current term at school. Normally, I'd be ready to rip my hair out and hit anyone who crossed my path by now. I've got healthy ideas about how to manage my time. I'm better able to say, 'OK, I made an effort, and that has to be good enough.' Actually, not only am I better able to acknowledge my limitations, I'm better able to accept them. And that's really more important anyway. All of this, just from cutting sugar and the emotional roller coaster ride it causes me!

Mmmmm, mmm. Oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins, fruit, scrambled eggs and potatoes.

I forgot to photograph my lunch...but it was a greek salad with the lemon chicken orzo soup at Panera.

The strawberries were an afternoon snack!

After boxing class tonight we went to a Greek restaurant near Porter Square...stuffed grape leaves.

Salad with feta and grilled lamb...the dressing was amazing; oil, vinegar and garlic! I also had some pita bread, 2 pieces of fried zucchini and one french fry.

And popcorn at home, of course!

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