Saturday, June 4, 2011

Note to self:

Note to self: DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT eat overly rich food with cream sauce after roughly two months of really really really healthy eating with plenty of veggies. 'A rich meal of wine, lobster, creamy desserts and all thetrimmings is a good start toward diarrhea. It is all too much forthe body to handle. The body rejects the whole thing and sends it all out.' OK, this is NOT my sentence (nor was it my dinner), but it very succinctly describes what happened to me tonight. Not sure that I would trust that website for medical advice...

Anyway, this evening was a very good example of why it's important to know our own bodies. For example, I know that I get 'sick' if I eat 'food' from McDonalds. So, I don't eat there. I know that sushi can make me gassy. So, I was not surprised when I was asked today if my stomach felt alright after dinner last night. I know that I still feel hunger after eating an apple. So, I try to eat a protein with the fiber to feel full. I know that if I eat food that's too rich, I will probably get 'sick'. Well, please remind me, in the future to NOT order the haddock stuffed with crab stuffing and served over a buttery cream sauce.

OK, so, long and short of it. Know your body and listen to it. Your body knows what it needs, and your body (usually) will tell you. These messages are told to us through cravings when we need some nutrient in particular; hunger and thirst when we need food and drink in general; being sleepy when it's time to go to bed; aches and pains when we need a rest from physical activity; or any other from a list of signals. You've just got to listen.

Yummy weekend breakfast at Panera! Notice I brought my own fruit today?

Today, I got the summer salad with fruit and added cucumbers, onions and tomatoes...I picked off the mandarin oranges. The oranges are packed in a syrup, and I just don't want the sugar. Lemon chicken orzo soup, baguette, and a little chicken on the side with an iced tea.

Buffalo chicken tenders with celery and bleu cheese

And, finally, the delicious cause of my evening bathroom adventures. Baked haddock stuffed with buttery crab stuffing and served over a buttery cream sauce.

I chose NOT to have any popcorn tonight. Not because I wasn't feeling well, but because I can not even begin to imagine how many calories were in my dinner! I told you I would not count calories, and I won't. BUT, that does not mean that I am not mindful of them.

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