Saturday, June 18, 2011

I saw the Bruins today!!!

Well, today was quite the day!! Bruins on parade!! I've never gone out for a sports rally before...well, I've never wanted to go and they were always on a weekday. I'm not real big on Boston sports, but I love ice hockey!!! And I've been converted to being a Bruins fan. So, today, along with all the masses, I made my way downtown to the parade route and stood and waited for the Bruins and The Stanley Cup to drive past. I missed seeing The Cup, but I did see a whole bunch of Bruins!!!

Anyway, trying to get out of there, I began to get frustrated with the crowds and with the heat and I was hungry and I was tired and I just wanted some water and some, some, something sweet. Yup. I waited too long to eat. This time, I was ready with an apple and some almonds!! I didn't eat the almonds because I was just so thirsty and thought they would be hard to swallow. When I finally found a place to kill time without being in a giant crowd, it was a Starbucks. I'm a fan, but I found myself about to order a frappaccino! Ok, so it was time to eat something...things turned out OK, but today was not my best food day.

Not my best food day, but I did see the Bruins celebrate with the City of Boston!!!

I started out pretty normal...Breakfast Power Sandwich (ham, egg, cheese and whole wheat), fruit and a cappuccino.

And, that apple was somewhere in here...

And this is my experimentation at Starbucks....a fruit cup, a chicken sandwich with pesto, marinara, mozzarella on what they called ciabatta... and a passion fruit iced tea mixed with lemonade (no extra sweetener)

Leftover chicken madras curry with basmati rice

Big ol' dinner salad! with italian dressing

And I'm having a bowl of popcorn tonight...Pop Secret Homestyle. You know, the one with the trans fat...I'm thinking that once in awhile is OK, right?

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