Thursday, November 28, 2013


I've spent this month contemplating gratitude, writing a few sentences daily about what I'm grateful for. I've tried to keep it thoughtful and honest. I've tried to avoid being superficial, or obvious. It's not easy. What I started to notice was that I felt like I was circling back on a theme of recognizing how fortunate I am in this world. I kept thinking of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

I am fortunate. No matter how I feel, no matter what I desire, no matter what. I am fortunate. This month has had me thinking about the basics. All of my problems, all of my miseries are only possible because I am fortunate. When I look at the pyramid, I see that the base is food, water, warmth, and rest. I have all of these at my disposal. Some, in such excess that I can afford to throw them away. I look at the full pyramid and realize that as an overall state of being, all of my needs are met and I have the opportunity to focus on achieving my potential. That's a damned good place to be.

So, I may not be rich, or have the best clothes, or the exact body I want...there are many things I want or don't feel like I have enough of, but I do have everything I need. This is my luxury, this is my wealth, this is my fortune.


cereal, berries and peaches
 mushroom risotto, squash and cauliflower
savory chicken, chicken soup sauce, squash and cauliflower


cereal, peaches and fruit cup
 BBQ with rice and beans, corn and fiesta mix veggies
lasagna, mixed veggies and fiesta veggies


pasta fagioli, corn, peas and peaches


eggs, sausage, potatoes and fruit cup
 Greek salad
Caesar salad
skirt steak, potatoes and root veggies
 green beans
flourless chocolate cake


pizza and peaches
BBQ chicken with rice and beans, green beans and squash


cereal and peaches
 cheese ravioli, corn and mixed veggies


cereal and berries
Chinese take-out


steak strips, green beans, corn and berries


cereal, berries and fruit cup
really bad cafeteria Chinese food and squash
 OK pork gyoza
 Oh. My. God. Amazing kimchi pancake!
Pink Floyd Maki and Summer Maki


eggs, potatoes, sausage and kielbasa
Cheeseboy's The Gobbler!


savory chicken, mixed veggies
Thanksgiving Dinner!!!!!

turkey, mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, gravy, squash, green beans, and peas
pumpkin and pecan pies

Sunday, November 17, 2013

There are no easy answers

I've been doing some (sorta) super strict eating for two weeks...and I'm having some pretty huge cravings! It sucks. But I admit, it's probably the only way for me to NOT binge on pizza, chocolate, and all sorts of other delicious sugary and starchy treats. I definitely needed a kick in the pants to get back to healthy eating. Did it work? Not sure. I have this idea in my head that I wouldn't have cravings, that this would be easy...ugh. There are no easy answers.

I've been fighting a cold for the two weeks that I've been doing this. Trying to get enough rest while learning the new job has been less than successful...most nights. My desire to exercise is even less during these tiring times. There are no easy answers.

My plan? Stay on track. There's one more week left of this 'bootcamp' eating. No cheating on the food. I've checked out class schedules at the gym. There's two classes on Tuesday that I'll enjoy. I'm planning on going to them. I will plan for some cardio on Monday after weight loss class. If I bring my gym clothes, I'm more likely to go to the gym. I have social plans on Wednesday and Thursday, so those will be off-days. I'm not sure about the weekend though...I know I should make a plan and commit to keeping it. Unfortunately, I have some competing thoughts. There are no easy answers.


pasta fagioli, peaches, cauliflower, and mixed veggies
beef stroganoff, peas and corn

savory chicken, cauliflower, mixed veggies, and peaches
 This is how I order out...salad with almost every veggie on the menu gleaned from other entrees
cheese ravioli


mushroom risotto, cauliflower, corn and peaches
pasta fagioli and peaches

cereal, pear and apple
pasta fagioli, corn and cauliflower
cheese ravioli

cereal, banana, fruit cup
 savory chicken, cauliflower, corn and peaches
yeah, I cheated...steamed veggies, scallion pancakes and general gao's chicken

cereal, peaches, berries
 mushroom risotto
pasta fagioli, squash and broccoli


salad and fruit for breakfast
 pasta fagioli and broccoli
5 bean casserole, corn and cauliflower


cereal, banana, berries
savory chicken, squash, broccoli and berries
BBQ chicken with rice and beans, chicken soup with broccoli and peas


pasta fagioli, mixed vegges and peaches
carrots and apple
salad with all sorts of yummy stuff, including avocado


BBQ chicken with rice and beans, squash and berries
savory chicken in chicken soup with green beans, brussel sprouts and mushrooms


cereal and berries
creole chicken, peas and corn and pear
lasagna, mixed veggies, brussel sprouts and mushrooms

cereal, banana and berries
cheese ravioli, mixed veggies and corn
 various appetizers - mushroom pate, bread, crab dip, artichoke dip, etc.
mushroom tart
filet mignon, potato, veggies and pureed parsnip
chocolate caramel tart, ice cream and some carmelly thingy


cereal and peaches
BBQ chicken and fiesta blend veggies
cheese ravioli, chicken soup with cauliflower and mixed veggies

 cereal and peaches
beef stroganoff, green beans and mixed veggies
pasta fagioli, corn and mixed veggies