Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last meals

I still don't know what my new goal is...but I've got a super short term one. Lose 5 pounds in 3 weeks. I'm beginning a weight loss boot camp tomorrow when I return to Boston. 

I've spent the weekend in Seattle, one of my favorite cities for chocolate! While here, I toured a chocolate factory. While I was disappointed that there were no Oompa Loompas, geese laying golden eggs, squirrels testing nuts or rivers of chocolate, I am in love with all the samples I was able to try! I'm definitely happy with all the Seattle eating I did! My last meals before returning for the next 3 weeks to limiting myself to approved weight loss program foods. 

Beyond getting back to basics on eating and weight loss there needs to be a career focus for me now. I'm not sure how this will translate into a goal, but it's definitely an area were I need to pay some attention. There will be more on this in future posts...consider this to be the beginning of a thought.


berries, yogurt & peaches
 pasta fagioli, cauliflower & mixed veggies
cheese ravioli & mixed veggies


hot cereal & fruit
 savory chicken, cauliflower, mixed veggies & peaches
bean casserole & mixed veggies


banana & yogurt
 mushroom risotto, cauliflower, mixed veggies & peaches
buffalo chicken pizza & salad


Indian appetizers
a selection of Indian yummies


shared breakfast...baked french toast with berries and jam, waffle with brie, bacon & basil, and a fruit bowl
 copperhead salmon and hamachi
 1st 2 rolls...
2nd 2 rolls...
OMG!!!! 7 total roll!!!!

We may have over-ordered the sushi...


shared breakfast...nut encrusted eggs & french toast
 drinking chocolate from Fran's
pork enchiladas

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