Monday, October 28, 2013

Time for a new goal

I've been too busy to post...having fun, enjoying my 40's, running a half marathon, working too much, traveling a bit, and a whole host of other fun stuff...

You read that right. I ran a half marathon!!! 13.1 miles, and I ran it! I'm awesome. Goal accomplished.

Now, time for a new goal...I'm just not sure what it is yet.


berries and yogurt
 savory chicken, veggies, apple
curry chicken and veggies with sweet potatoes


steak strips and veggies
pasta and broccoli


berries and yogurt
 savory chicken, veggies and pear
OMG delicious chocolate dessert and Eiffel Tower!


chocolate croissant, berries and yogurt
cheese ravioli, veggies and apple
scallion pancake with beef
 spicy general gao's chicken
spicy mushy tofu


RACE DAY!!!!!!!!

pasta fagioli and veggies
After 13.1 miles....yeah, I ate the WHOLE thing


sausage and fries at King Richard's Faire
word of warning...don't mix curry with black pepper beef.

I actually threw this away.


pasta and broccoli


berries, hot cereal, peaches
mushroom risotto, veggies and butternut squash


berries, yogurt, and chocolate muffin
 steak strips, veggies, butternut squash
potluck delicacies


hot cereal, banana, berries
 veggie soup, broccoli stuffing casserole
 Mmm, tasty burger!
Ben & Jerry's


cheese ravioli, broccoli
Veggie delight...
 beef, it's what's for dinner


banana, berries, and hot cereal
 celebrating with GW!
vegetarian samples
 unlimited salad
mushroom pizza


hot cereal, banana, berries
 turkey chili, summer squash, sweet potato, tomatoes


hot cereal and pineapple
savory chicken, sweet potato, tomatoes, summer squash
 weird rice cake roll thingies
some whacked out Korean black bean and noodle thing


eggs, potatoes, sausage, banana
 salad & PIZZA!!!!!
veggie delight and beef Shabu


frozen pizza
noodles, corn, tomato soup, stuffed pepper


hot cereal, banana, berries, yogurt, cinnamon roll
 egg salad sandwich, carrots, bean salad, chicken soup, fruit cocktail, pear
salad, chicken, zucchini


hot cereal, banana, apple, pear
 tomato soup, apple, pear, fruit cocktail
pot stickers
beef and veggie curry


pineapple and berries
 veggie and cheddar sandwich
flank steak, potatoes with peppers and onions, carrots, winter squash with pear


banana, berries and yogurt
flank steak, potatoes with peppers and onions, carrots and winter squash
frozen pizza