Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twice, Thrice and Fice?

So far, twice in one week. Yup. I've made it to the gym twice in one far. If I go tomorrow, it will be thrice. So, if I make it four times, will it be fice? Probably not, but it will definitely be good for me. It's always good to make it to the gym, and for so many reasons.

Most of you know that I'm a minor nerd, right? Well, I am. I've been known to read physics books for fun, I collect rocks, coins, and stamps AND I can tell you how your Social Security Number was assigned to you. So what do I read at the gym while on the elliptical? I read about how the EU must integrate further to survive and how a Grecian exit from the EU will not be positive for anyone involved, least of all Greece. Let us not forget about how an Independent from Maine may become a new freshman Senator...I really should pick up a copy of Vogue or Cosmo before going to the gym! Anyway, at this rate, I'm going to know every piece of economic news the world over by the end of the week! Jealous much?


This seems to be a new trend, Cheerios and fruit. I've stopped with the yogurt because it was just too much food. It was protein though, I'm torn on this.
 Salad and chicken noodle soup
Asado Negro--panela, onion slow cooked beef roast served in its own sauce with rice and sweet plantains from Orinoco

I gotta say, the 1% milk satisfied a craving this morning.
 There was an ice cream social at could I possibly resist??? There was chocolate ice cream, and oreos and fudge and caramel and whipped cream! I was defenseless.
 Mediterranean Salad with chicken from UFood...and yes, I picked out that God-awful radicchio.
Nachos for dinner...I know, after the gym. I was too tired and lazy to do anything else.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Weekend

I'm back! After a few days off for a long weekend, I'm back! Because it was a holiday, there was no Monday evening run and abs class...however, there will be a Tuesday evening work-out and a Wednesday evening abs class! Thursday will find me running and Friday will find me at the gym as well! What a week I have ahead of me! I think I'm going to enjoy having the summer off from school.

This weekend I was able to eat meals outside, have a girl-date, spend everyday with friends and get a little exercise in. What a wonderful way to spend my time! Having time for friends, as you know, is quite important to me. It recharges my soul and makes me realize just how rich my life is today.


a healthy breakfast...
 Normally, the firehouse salad is a glorious thing...but not today. The chicken was soggy...not good.
 dessert--vanilla with strawberries...just OK
And finally, chocolate oreo cake!! There was a slice of Hawaiian pizza, some chips and some baby carrots too


French toast and fresh fruit at Charley's on Newbury Street
 nachos at the Cheesecake Factory
 Coconut and chocolate chip cheese cake
 UFC Night!!!

Potato Chip Nachos
 Onion rings for the table
Zinger (buffalo chicken tenders) Salad


House salad at Joe's American Grill
That was the French Dip sandwich...

There was pepperoni pizza for dinner as well


mini bagel with cream cheese...there were actually two
 orange slices, tomatoes, and cinnamon twists (I probably had 6 twists...)
Memorial Day BBQ!!!!!

I also had 2 windmill cookies, lemonade and a glass of diet coke

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My first special post

Oh Yeah!!! for O Ya!

Here's the deal...consider this a very special post. I don't do restaurant reviews or write a foodie-blog, but this one meal from O Ya is worthy of it's own post...

The photos will speak for themselves...this meal occurred on May 24, 2012, as evidenced by the date on the menu. The numbers on the menu indicate the order in which most items were brought out. I ordered a 'tasting menu', my only request was that I not be brought any eel. My friend ordered a la of both meals are included here.

 #1--For starters....Kumamoto Oyster with watermelon pearls and cucumber mignonette
 #2--Hamachi with spicy banana pepper mousse
 the clam chowder...with tempura bits, potato, pork fat drizzle and cracklin's
(my friend's chowder)
 #3--Salmon Tataki with torched tomato, smoked smelt and onion aioli

The torched tomato really made this one!! It was so unexpected with the right firmness to complement the texture of the salmon.
 #4--Bluefin Toro with republic of Georgia herb sauce

One of my favorites!! The herbs on top were fresh with a hint of nuttiness...the reviews I read indicated that walnuts were mixed into this pesto.
 #5--Homemade la Ratte Fingerling Potato Chip with summer truffle

 My friend's dumplings

Chilled Daikon 'Dumplings' with miso nut "cheese", homemade kimchi, wakame, spicy pine nut mayo
 #6--Wild Santa Barbara Spot Prawn with garlic butter, white soy, and preserved yuzu
 #7--Fried Kumamuto Oyster with yuzu kosho aioli, and squid ink bubbles

My friend had the Tea Brined Fried Pork Rib
#8--Bluefin Maguro with soy braised garlic and micro greens
#9--A morsel to share...Fried Soft Shell Crab with soy sesame mousse, tamari yuzu beurre blanc and mayer lemon zest
$190 Steak....You read that right!

Aragawa Style 8oz striploin with frites...and truffle oil on the frites!

(this one was also my friend's...but it tasted like meat flavored butter, a dish to die for!)
#10--Shima Aji & Santa Barbara Sea Urchin with ceviche vinaigrette and cilantro

While everything was delicious, I don't like sea urchin. Maybe it's because I used to have one as a pet? I don't even know how to describe it...I just don't like it.
#11--Kyoto Style Morel Mushroom with garlic and soy
#12--Scottish Salmon with spicy sesame ponzu, yuzu kosho and scallion oil

This one was sooooo good that it curled my toes! Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!! Definitely my favorite piece of the night!
#13--Hamachi with viet mignonette, thai basil and shallot

Another amazing morsel!!! This is one to order on it's own! The coolness of the fish combined with a little spice and the sweet basil created such a sensation so as to delight the taste buds!
#14--Arctic Char yuzu cured, smoked sesame brittle, cumin aioli and cilantro

'Wait for it, I'll tell you when to snap the picture...,' our waiter said when bringing this one. He removed the cover and this delectable scent of a campfire permeated the air as the delicate smoke wafted up from the dish...
#14, the reveal...Arctic Char

Normally, I do not like Arctic Char, but this I would go back for time and time again!
#15--Bluefin Tuna Tataki with smoky pickled onion and truffle oil

Gotta say, there was something about this one that didn't live up to the rest. Oh, it was good, maybe because it followed the Arctic Char? I'm not sure, but the smoky pickled onion was such a surprisingly wonderful flavor that more places should use it!
# 16--Kanpachi with jalapeno sauce, sesame and apple myoga

I was skeptical of the jalapeno. I'm just not a fan, but here, it was such a delicate and almost refreshing flavor combined with the crispness of the apple...a texture and flavor sensation!
And the fried oysters make one more appearance. This time, it's for two!
#17--Shiso Tempura with Grilled Lobster, charred tomato and ponzu aioli
#18--Grilled Chanterelle & Shitake Mushroom Sashimi with rosemary garlic oil, sesame froth and soy

I was burping mushroom for the rest of the night. If you don't mind the belching, go for this one!! It was a mix of wondrous earthy flavors with the creamy richness of butter.
#19--Onsen Egg with dashi sauce, truffle salt and homemade pickle garlic

OK, it was a giant soft boiled egg. I didn't get it. And I don't like runny eggs. Of everything we enjoyed this evening, this was the only one I had trouble swallowing...
And last but not least...chocolate ginger tart

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's Celebrate!

What a week!! I found out that not only did I pass Finance class, but I got an A-!!! I should celebrate...

What did I do instead? I went to the gym. That's a celebration to me!! Actually, I've been to the gym three days in a row this week. It feels amazing to be back! I know you all know, but when you work out, you have more energy, you feel generally happier, and you crave junk food less. I'm still craving junk food, but that will go away.

I definitely feel better just from going back. I have a lot of work to do still to get back in shape. I did get my first blood blister from running though. Well, not my first, but my first since getting back to running. Right now, I'm slow and only up to about 3 or 4 miles. Just got to get to 6 in the next four weeks. I can do it!!

How do I know I can do it? Because I've done it before and I have help. I have a great group of friends who I work out with and who are supportive of me getting back to the gym after four months off. That support makes all the difference!

Breakfast...berries and cream!
 Salad with steak and fruit
snack after a work-out

I had a gi-normous bucket of popcorn for dinner at the movies.


trying to piece together a healthy breakfast
 a snack before bowling
And THIS is what you eat to KICK ASS at bowling!!! (OK, so it was only a two strike night for me...I actually kinda suck at bowling)