Monday, May 28, 2012

Long Weekend

I'm back! After a few days off for a long weekend, I'm back! Because it was a holiday, there was no Monday evening run and abs class...however, there will be a Tuesday evening work-out and a Wednesday evening abs class! Thursday will find me running and Friday will find me at the gym as well! What a week I have ahead of me! I think I'm going to enjoy having the summer off from school.

This weekend I was able to eat meals outside, have a girl-date, spend everyday with friends and get a little exercise in. What a wonderful way to spend my time! Having time for friends, as you know, is quite important to me. It recharges my soul and makes me realize just how rich my life is today.


a healthy breakfast...
 Normally, the firehouse salad is a glorious thing...but not today. The chicken was soggy...not good.
 dessert--vanilla with strawberries...just OK
And finally, chocolate oreo cake!! There was a slice of Hawaiian pizza, some chips and some baby carrots too


French toast and fresh fruit at Charley's on Newbury Street
 nachos at the Cheesecake Factory
 Coconut and chocolate chip cheese cake
 UFC Night!!!

Potato Chip Nachos
 Onion rings for the table
Zinger (buffalo chicken tenders) Salad


House salad at Joe's American Grill
That was the French Dip sandwich...

There was pepperoni pizza for dinner as well


mini bagel with cream cheese...there were actually two
 orange slices, tomatoes, and cinnamon twists (I probably had 6 twists...)
Memorial Day BBQ!!!!!

I also had 2 windmill cookies, lemonade and a glass of diet coke

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