Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I knew it had been awhile, but...

OK, I guess we're doing another photo-dump of sorts. I've been crazed with to be exact. Let's just say that I'm glad it's over and leave it at that.

 This was the day I left for DC...airport meal!
granola bar snack/dinner

Yummy breakfast from the legendary Bob & Edith's diner
 Sushi that a nice young man treated me to at the Old Post Office Pavillion
Turkish buffet dinner

A little late night noshing at the Silver Diner after touring the Monuments.

Brunch at Kramer Books & Afterwords Cafe--stuffed french toast with sausage, eggs and potatoes
 Fried chicken salad at The Diner in Adams Morgan
 Dinner at the Bombay Club with my college bestie!!

scallops and samosas
 I was skeptical, but the duck was to die for!
 garlic naan
ya know,  don't remember what I ordered....but it was good!

airport breakfast...not fun, or good.
 Panera for lunch!! I think this was my first taste of their cuban sandwich
Salad and pasta -- I volunteered to work at the Simmons Leadership Conference, this was our volunteer training dinner

starting to look a little more normal?
 salad and yogurt...I think this is when I was on anti-biotics for the strep throat
salad and pizza...and this is the start of my off-ramp. Do you remember when I wasn't going to eat any pizza from the cafeteria?

Yup...definitely on anti-biotics...
roast port with butternut squash and salad

nachos for breakkie!!
 the volunteer meal at the conference...veggie lasagna and salad

eggs, sausage, potatoes, yogurt and fruit
salad and pizza

apparently, nachos for breakkie are pop-u-lar!
 some frozen pasta, veggie and garlic sauce thingy
 miso soup
Sushi on a boat

I must've forgotten to photograph breakfast...or had salad and diet coke?
 Hush puppies at Sweet Cheeks BBQ
Brisket and mac & cheese at Sweet Cheeks BBQ

fruit and yogurt
take-out Thai...

fruit and yogurt
Lunch at Sweet Cheeks...greens, mac & cheese and pulled pork

breakfast with a cookie
salad and fruit

a little oreo snack at breakfast
Firehouse Salad from Thornton's Grill

Later tonight I'll be meeting Christopher Moore, a wonderful writer

hmmm, must've forgotten to photograph breakfast...
Spaghetti and meat sauce with a meatball from Maggiano's...a night out with my B-School girls!

Starbucks for breakfast...
Texan burger and fries after chowing down a chicken quesadilla at the Sunset

pizza and salad at Sal's, near Fenway Park
Chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes at Rock Bottom Brewery...there was much popcorn at the movies later too

OK...we'll stop there for now...
Only so many photos a girl can import at once.

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