Monday, May 14, 2012

Piece de Resistance!

I admit, I didn't go to the gym was supposed to be a night of abs. It rained and I was in a bad mood all day and I was tired. I really need to get more sleep. As we know, getting plenty of sleep is one key to overall health. What did I do instead? Well, I thought I'd make myself a nice dinner so I stopped at the grocery. And LOBSTER was on sale. Yup. I hunted and killed my own meal tonight. I feel manly.

That's good, actually, a better feeling than earlier today. I had a crappy day...nothing happened, just one of those days. I was too tired and didn't have enough caffeine and started eating lunch at 3pm! Not a good combo for me. Here's hoping tomorrow will be better. At least tomorrow is full of the promise of a new day, right? Although, it's not enough to just hope. I am responsible for the kind of day I have! So tomorrow, I am planning on having lunch with A. Not only will I eat at an acceptable time, but I'll have much needed social time with a good friend. Social time always makes me feel better.

Great Breakfast...

Late lunch at the mall...


A real breakfast
 Popcorn for a snack before dinner
 Rare steak with pasta and veggies
cake and ice cream


trying to get back to good food....there's Uncle Sam cereal under there
 pistachio muffin
 Salad with dried cherries...and some yogurt for protein

The Piece de Resistance!
Lobster fixins'--salt potatoes (you'll just have to trust me), corn and broccoli

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