Monday, May 21, 2012

Epic plans

And here we are...once again. OK, I did two work-outs tonight. I was allowed to eat three pieces of pizza. My rules. Tonight, I ran for 45 minutes before going to abs class. I've got a workout planned for tomorrow night as well! I'm soooo good. Tomorrow will just be a running workout. I'm shooting for an hour.

OK, so an update...I decided not to take a summer class. I think this is a good decision for many reasons. And I'll give you a short list:
  1. Skydiving in June (jump #3)
  2. Tons-o-Workouts...gotta get ready for my race! Need to be up to 6.2 miles by 6/24.
  3. Trips to the beach (a side benefit of the workouts!)
  4. Skydiving in July (jump #4)
  5. Climbing Mt. Washington...this one's still under construction
  6. Trip out west...high points including, but not limited to, the Redwoods and Yellowstone!!
This summer's going to be EPIC!!!

What's that mean?
If I want some serious fun, I need to get serious with my workouts and eating.
It's GO time!


Yummy breakkie!
 Mediterranean Salad with chicken from U Food
 ice cream cake at the office party
 coconut mocha frappuccino--with whipped creme
 kimchi and tea


Bagel with butter at the Simmons Graduation Ceremony
 Chicken wrap, tabouleh (not as good as in UAE!) and oatmeal raisin cookie
 Gotta have pizza!
Buffalo chicken wrap at the airport

 Late night steak and cheese--the good news is that I only ate half...
 Mint oreo shake--I drank it all!
Salad and calamari
 When travel, always eat the local cuisine! Crabcakes!
 Mmmm, candy!!!!
 Turkish tapas...yogurt and eggplant
Adana Kebab....yum!!! ground grilled meat


Fresh fruit at Bob Evans
 Big farm breakfast...I didn't eat the eggs because they were runny, or the grits because they were gross. And just so we're clear, these pancakes were good, but mine are SOOOOooooooo much better.
 Road snacks!!! Hey, I just shot a bullseye with a .45 right before this picture. I think I earned the ice cream and Cheetos.
 Caesar salad at Bo Brooks Crabhouse
CRABS!!!!!!!! covered in Old Bay Seasoning


And this is what I left of the crabs....


I threw the cantaloupe was bad. Yogurt  and French Toast muffin
 Mediterranean Salad with chicken and a very very raspberry-y smoothie. It was delish!
 snack before abs class
salad and buffalo chicken pizza

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