Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tonight's actual post...

OK... So, now you know what I've been eating. Here's the skinny, or rather, the fat. I gained about 10 pounds this semester. I failed to work out for about four months and I strayed from how I should be eating. I didn't even go to the grocery store that whole time! So where does that leave me? Well, even my 'fat pants' don't fit all that well. Today was G-Day...or Gym Day. It was my first day back. I had a hard time running for 1 hour on the the elliptical. The elliptical!!!

Here it is. This is what I'm up against. I spared you the picture without the shirt on. I did, however, take one for myself so that I'd have the record. I'm going to do a morning weigh-in tomorrow and I need to buy a new tape measure to measure that monstrosity. 

Why do I show you this? Because this is how I'm handling getting back into my work-out schedule after the end of the semester from hell.

I'm going to watch my food. I'm going to exercise, combining cardio and strength training. AND, I'm going to keep a better record to have hard data. This way, if/when this happens when I go back to school again, I'll have actual information, not just what I think my weight or waist was. 

Maybe you think this is ridiculous. Maybe you think this is brave. Quite frankly, I'm scare shitless by posting this photo. I don't remember the last time I saw a less flattering photo of myself. (Actually, I do. It was about a year ago.) I'm nervous that you'll see this photo. I'm nervous that you'll see this photo and then see me and this all you'll think of. I'm nervous that you won't

As always, I'm counting on you for support.

 Day 1 back on the wagon and this is what I choose for breakfast??

 Not so bad...Ken's low fat olive oil vinaigrette

There was a granola bar in the afternoon as well.
I added to it, but there's that salad from the other day. 

And lean cuisine spaghetti. Another meal I do not recommend.

Lastly, a couple of left over buffalo wings from the other night

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