Wednesday, May 9, 2012

...a long while since I posted...

Continuing along with getting caught up...

Must've been an eventful eating day...

oatmeal and berries
 mac & cheese and veggies
PIZZA and salad


This would have been the morning I had a meeting with the man who can write an $11million check...
 Salad and soup

My God! I love the Firehouse Salad!

fruit, yogurt, and pistachio muffin
pasta, sausage, peppers and onions

potluck for our UAE trip class presentations
 I think it was the Chicken Navratan at Diva
coffee and rice pudding with those dough balls in honey...I forget the name

summer rolls
 mango the Thai place up the street from my house
 pork gyoza
Gorgeous and gorgeousity of sushi and sashimi at Basho, near Fenway Park

This was another movie night...lots of popcorn

A miracle!  The cafeteria did not drown the ham in syrup!
Another shot at the Firehouse Salad!

Oatmeal to go with my fruit and yogurt
 Pizza and salad
Normally, I would not want this much shit on my sushi...but the cafeteria sushi needs it to cover up the fish taste. Not good sushi, but it works in a pinch.


My camera clearly got a work-out today...

Plum cake from Tatte in Brookline. If you've never been, go! Best cheesecake EVER! I also had a hazelnut pastry from there.

fruit and eggs and potatoes and sausage
Sushi and salad from the grocery


Lots--fruit to go with my yogurt
 Caesar Salad at McCormick & Schmick's

Dinner with my uncle and cousins!
I don't remember what it was...other than fish

It was good though

Breakfast at Panera!
 Cheeseburger and fries at the Museum of Science
 A Summer Shack lobster!
Some weird dessert pudding thing that was supposed to be a traditional New England thing...I won't be ordering it again and I do not recommend it.

Apparently, I didn't eat on the 29th...

A little muffin with my yogurt
Sushi from the cafeteria
Pizza and salad for dinner

Eggs, potatoes, fruit and yogurt
Salad and soup

Panera for breakfast
 Salad and chili...I didn't eat the crackers
 Pizza and a little fruit
Scallops at the Regal Begal

Remember Three's Company? Well, this is not Jack's Regal Begal!

A little something different...chocolate chip pancakes
 peach yogurt with raspberries and granola
Salad and a little pasta

French Toast Muffin...a wonderful invention
cafeteria make your own burrito

 was a laaaaaaate night at work/school getting ready for my finance exam

breakfast at Panera
 A little orange scone to tide me over
And a snack from The 'Bucks

Trying a new sandwich at Panera...steak and egg. Delicious!

 Salad from Trader Joe's and brownie from Panera
Penguin pizza while studying...I didn't eat the salad until several days later.

That steak sandwich was so good I had to go back for more!
 Assorted raw salmon and tuna
 Filet, brussel sprouts and spinach...I only had a bite of the spinach. I just don't really like cooked spinach that much.

And the piece to top off the night...lemon cake that looks like a beehive!
Chocolate chocolate chip muffin with fruit and yogurt
 Salad and chili
Buffalo wings and pizza

This is how I eat after maybe failing my finance exam. I don't have the grade yet....

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