Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Twice, Thrice and Fice?

So far, twice in one week. Yup. I've made it to the gym twice in one far. If I go tomorrow, it will be thrice. So, if I make it four times, will it be fice? Probably not, but it will definitely be good for me. It's always good to make it to the gym, and for so many reasons.

Most of you know that I'm a minor nerd, right? Well, I am. I've been known to read physics books for fun, I collect rocks, coins, and stamps AND I can tell you how your Social Security Number was assigned to you. So what do I read at the gym while on the elliptical? I read about how the EU must integrate further to survive and how a Grecian exit from the EU will not be positive for anyone involved, least of all Greece. Let us not forget about how an Independent from Maine may become a new freshman Senator...I really should pick up a copy of Vogue or Cosmo before going to the gym! Anyway, at this rate, I'm going to know every piece of economic news the world over by the end of the week! Jealous much?


This seems to be a new trend, Cheerios and fruit. I've stopped with the yogurt because it was just too much food. It was protein though, I'm torn on this.
 Salad and chicken noodle soup
Asado Negro--panela, onion slow cooked beef roast served in its own sauce with rice and sweet plantains from Orinoco

I gotta say, the 1% milk satisfied a craving this morning.
 There was an ice cream social at could I possibly resist??? There was chocolate ice cream, and oreos and fudge and caramel and whipped cream! I was defenseless.
 Mediterranean Salad with chicken from UFood...and yes, I picked out that God-awful radicchio.
Nachos for dinner...I know, after the gym. I was too tired and lazy to do anything else.

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