Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wonder much?

I know you've all been wondering, wondering what I've been eating! Never fear, I'm going to show you! Sorta. There was some stuff I forgot to take photos of...But rest assured, I've been eating!

The New Paleo Diet
don't I look like Fred Flintstone?

It's been a busy few days, but fun. What it has not been is full of working out. I guess I'm a slow-starter at getting back to the gym.


holding pretty consistent with a healthy breakfast
 Burrito from Chipotle...beef, salsa, cheese, pinto beans, rice and guacamole
Babyback ribs, mac & cheese and some greens from Soulfire BBQ in Allston


Uncle Sam cereal and fresh fruit
steak quesadilla with guacomole & hot sauce


Brunch at home, eggs with cheese, bacon, toast with jam, and fresh fruit. I love slow weekend mornings!

OK, this is totally not my photo...I forgot to take a picture and pulled this one off Google...

I also had the cottage cheese appetizer

Ice cream from Toscanini's

salted caramel and chocolate


Baked French Toast with granola

There was a lot of syrup and fresh fruit too
 Arepa from Orinoco...shredded beef, cheese, black beans and a fried plantain
 empanadas to share
 fried plantains to share
The first time I've cooked in AGES!

chicken, broccoli and some pasta with romano cheese

The next time I think that I can heat pasta sauce uncovered in the microwave without making a mess, please remind me that that would defy the laws of physics.

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