Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Second Special Post

Well here it is! My second special post! Dinner on June 8, 2012 was to die for!!! As evidenced by my empty plate...

For A's 29th birthday, we went out to Erbaluce, a hidden gem in Boston's Bay Village.

Read the menu and you'll wish you were with us. Erbaluce changes their menu daily, you never know what exactly will be on it!

 And now, on to the meal itself! 

A little bean paste and olive oil to get us started

Prosciutto and apples with sesame

Dandelion greens salad

Tagliatelle with mushrooms

Wild boar with greens and roasted potatoes

My dessert....Honey Panna Cotta with Arabic coffee, just like at Sheika Sheika's palace!

A's dessert...Poached Pear filled with marzipan and topped with caramel

Bite-sized treats, compliments of the chef!

truffles, cookies and dried fruit rolled in sesame

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