Saturday, June 9, 2012

Remember the Elephant?

So much for jumping back in to healthy eating and exercise! Well, I'm doing my best...but did you ever notice that there's a lot of temptation out there?? How do you combat temptation? Well, it's hard. Most people use shear force of will, I know I do. But remember the Elephant and the Rider?? Well, the Elephant is going to win out in a battle of wills. I know I can't do battle with an elephant!

This is not to say that willpower is not effective or useful. What I mean is that it is a short-term solution to a long-term issue. And we all know what good that is! So really, the question is, how can I get I get my Rider and my Elephant working together towards the same goal? What's going to motivate that Elephant to stay away from the sugar and the pizza and the ice cream?

Really, I'd love to hear your ideas. My dilemma as of late is that I've got too much time on my hands and too many ideas of what to do with it! Since I'm not taking classes, I've had so many opportunities to catch up with friends, try amazing new restaurants, see movies (popcorn!!), and do all sorts of things that are not in keeping with getting in bikini shape for Aruba. I do well at the beginning of the week, but it falls apart by Thursday. I need some ideas that don't involve motivational notes posted all around my house and hanging my swimsuit out for everyone to see! Although, those are not bad ideas...

The good news is, is that when I'm exercising regularly, I don't crave the sweets and carbs. An exercise regiment really gets my Rider and Elephant moving in the same direction.


I couldn't resist the chocolate muffin...
 I forget what I had for lunch...but here are some bagel chips from dinner
 Disco Fries!
 Beef and mushroom barley soup
 Mmmm, salad


eek! That banana has seen better days!
 fries from Thornton's
 Firehouse Salad
 frappuccino--some mocha cookie flavor thing
 sushi from the Fish Market in Allston
 Cardamom and Pistachio 'ice cream' from FoMu in Allston---made with coconut milk...and agave


pancakes...not that great either...and sausage
mmmm, supreme pizza

For dinner from June 8th, watch for a second special post.
It was that good!!

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