Monday, June 18, 2012

Eat to be calm

I was poking around on the internet today...looking up anxiety and nutrition. This week at work has the potential to be a stressful one and I want all the back up I can get! So, I figured I'd see if there were any foods I should avoid and maybe some others I should add. Guess what. Don't you know that everything I love is on the 'Avoid' list! Ugh.

All my go-to', sugar, spicy, dairy, fried food. Like I said, all the good stuff! Ok, all the not-so-good stuff.

So what is on the list of foods to eat to help reduce anxiety? Fresh fruits, veggies, foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, water, magnesium rich foods (black beans, soy), and foods with tryptophan., all the stuff that I eat normally. Well, mostly. The trick is to avoid the crap that induces, or contributes to anxiety.

As we also know, proper nutrition alone will not keep us calm. Proper nutrition combined with exercise and some quiet time are necessary. As for me, I did make it to the gym today. One hour on the elliptical. As for quiet time...well, I turned the TV off and am in the process of cooking a nutritious meal for myself while writing this. What do you do for quiet time? How do you manage stress and keep yourself mentally calm?


Admittedly, this was a late night snack on the 12th...
 keeping it healthy!
the pear was actually an after-gym snack and the yogurt was to satisfy my craving for something sweet


OK, a little heavier on the breakfast...and definitely not avoiding the anxiety-inducing caffeine with that quad grande Americano!
 fries with Rosemary and chickpea fritter from Clover
free ice cream day at Simmons!!!

I think this was the day that I had popcorn and sour patch kids for dinner...evening at the movies

satisfying a chocolate craving with a croissant
 nuts for a snack and a fruit cup
 mmm, sushi
red meat craving!


there's Uncle Sam cereal under all that fruit and yogurt
 chicken and cilantro dumplings with dipping sauce
 continuing the red meat theme
Indian food!!!! Chicken Madras Curry, rice and daal makhani


ice cream before brunch
 mmm, pancakes from scratch, kielbasa and fruit
nacho mania!


satisfying yet another craving with a chocolate muffin
 the healthy part of the morning
yeah, I picked out all that crappy bitter raddicchio!

a little pork chop, smashed potatoes, and fresh green beans

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