Thursday, June 28, 2012


This stuff about getting back into the gym is really hard!! Who would've thought! Well, this week has gone as follows so far:

Sunday = ran a 10K race in the sun and heat
Monday = 260 sit-ups, porn stars and the worst most painful shoulder crap you could possibly imagine
Tuesday = 30 minutes cardio on the elliptical
Wednesday = had popcorn and licorice for dinner (they were out of sour patch kids...)
Thursday = fight club work out complete with kick ass kicks!!!!! and a really smelly T ride home
Friday (planned) = 60 minutes of cardio

So it seems that I've got the exercise on track, time to get back to getting the food on track. I'm hoping that with regular exercise, that the sugar cravings will abate. I'm guessing that I'll need a little more sleep and lots more water to help with that too though.

Somehow, in all of that, I haven't been able to write. That means lots of photos! Why now? Why tonight? Because I've got a big dinner coming up tomorrow and I'm fairly certain that it will be worthy of it's own post!


Clearly, an interesting food day since this was the only thing I photographed

 6/23/12--a Saturday

What a great breakfast! Ham, bacon, eggs with cheese and salsa and potatoes
 Mmmmm, drove all the way to Waltham for Pizza Hut...don't worry, I really ate all 4 pieces.
 What a great way to wind down the day! Ice cream at the Marina!

I don't know if you ever pay attention to the background of any of these pictures. For this one, though, you just have to. What a great sunset there was that night!
And some fresh oysters...and french fries on the water


Post-race ham sub---lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, and mustard

No photo, but after the race, there was a banana, some frozen strawberries, and some chocolate peanut butter energy bar
 fro-yo with fresh fruit!
Mmmm, Chinese takeout!


Chocolate filled croissant from Au Bon Pain
 Salad and pizza
 Snack after abs class
Too lazy or too tired to make dinner?


fairly standard breakfast fare
 buffalo chicken pizza and salad
 Mmmm, frozen yogurt and fruit
And out for Ethiopian food with a classmate!


Snap Crackle and POP!!!

Salad with strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges, and pecans

Turkey, bacon, and gouda on whole grain
 Bakery made snow ball--vanilla icing instead of marshmallow, but it did the trick
Steak quesadilla with guacamole

There was much unphotographed popcorn and licorice later on at the movies


A little extra protein at breakfast this morning
 fries with rosemary and a falafel from Clover
Giant steak, broccoli and cous cous...I can't believe I ate the *whole* steak!!! This is how hungry the fight club makes me.

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