Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Day!

Woo Hoo!!! Great day!!!!! FIRST, I got a free cleaning at the dentist this morning and THEN I had a mint oreo milkshake for breakfast as a reward for not having any cavities. NEXT, nobody yelled at me at work and I was able to send files out of my office. NEXT, I had a great study group for finance class. FINALLY, I got a ride home from school instead of taking the T. It's the little things that make a day great.

As for the icing on the cake...I leave for a weekend in DC tomorrow afternoon!! Don't worry, I'm bringing homework with me...


Yogurt!!!! fruit and egg and cheese sammy
 salad and butternut squash soup
penne arrabiata and salad from Trader Joes


this is what happens when your dentist's office is next door to an ice cream shop that opens at 6am...
 Yogurt!! eggs and tots
 salad and mushroom barley soup
 dark chocolate squares....yum!

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