Friday, March 23, 2012

Final UAE meals

I've been up since 4am with a fever and sore throat...what better thing to do than update my blog, right?

It's still too early to call my doctor. It's even still too early to call my boss and let him know that I won't make it into work for a second day. Did I say sore throat? What I meant to say is that it feels like someone's fist is in my throat...their fist is covered in sand paper and spikes. And they're twisting it around and around and around. Then, there's the fever. It went as high as 101.3. So, I spent yesterday writhing in muscle and joint ache agony and barely getting out of bed. When I woke up today, the fever was back at 101.1. Ugh. Ibuprofen is managing the fever, but not really doing anything to eliminate the pain. If it were just body aches, I could deal. The pain in my throat is unbearable! I even threw out most of my breakfast because it hurt too much to swallow...and I'm starving.


I love these enormous breakfast buffets!
 a quick sandwich and fruit for lunch...poolside!
 tea at the Emirates Palace Hotel
 perfection in chocolate at the Emirates Palace Hotel
 snacks on our sunset cruise
 fresh pita at a Lebanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi
 assortment of pre-dinner treats...have I mentioned that the best hummus I've ever had was in the UAE??
 stuffed grape leaves and something with chick peas...I wasn't a fan of either at this restaurant
 yummy shwarma...too bad I was sooooo full at this point
 and even MORE food...



last hotel buffet...
 quick lunch at Zayed University
 Indian Food at the Emirates Mall...better than I would have expected, it actually had some spice to it!
 Yup. This is the first time in about 5 1/2 years...but I had Mc Donalds at the Abu Dhabi airport
British Airways breakfast

British Airways lunch/dinner...I don't even know anymore!
 British Airways was not good
nachos at home...


a little breakfast at home...

I must have not photographed the rest of my food...or maybe I didn't eat?

Actually, I grabbed a chicken salad wrap and a side salad at Au Bon Pain


I'm sure there was more to breakfast...
 I can't resist the brisket and mac and cheese in our cafeteria!
 pizza, first night back to class
snack during class


mmm, breakfast
 it looks like a lot, but the fruit turned out to be an afternoon snack
dinner at work too...I stayed late doing homework


it doesn't look like much, but this is what I ate yesterday. Well, this and a plate of nachos.

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