Sunday, March 11, 2012

My first days in Dubai

Mmmm, so far, the food in Dubai is fantastic!! I can't even tell you what most of it is or where we ate it...but it's good! My hopes for this trip consisted of sunshine, warm temperatures and good food. Two days in Dubai so far and I have not been disappointed!


British airways breakfast
 candy from Heathrow...I didn't eat all of it at once, but it will all be gone by the time I get home!
British Airways dinner

Did I mention that British Airways has good food??


hotel breakfast...beans, taters, pancakes, fruit, chicken sausage and beef bacon
 muesli and coffee
 chicken tikka wrap and mango juice in the gold souk
 salad and grilled veggies with bean salad and hummus---my attempt at making #2...

hotel breakfast
 mini sandwiches at Dubai Chamber--some sort of roasted pepper thing and roast beef
 mint leaves and go with the hummus plate below
 hummus, tabouli, salad and lebani (???)
 assortment of rices with cranberries
 grilled meats, fish and shrimp
 my portion...I had a little more meat that this

 fresh pomegranate juice and tea

I had Cold Stone for dessert.


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