Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Enjoy the photos now

In fairness...I wrote this a week ago and never posted...

Something occurred to me last night...while I was sitting on my butt in my office at 10pm writing a paper for my finance occurred to me that I'm going to be in the Middle East in approximately 1 week!! While my upcoming travel brings with it many uncertainties as to how my eating will be affected, it was actually something else that I was thinking of. I've been told that there are a number of places where I will not be allowed to take my camera. OK, again, not normally all that bad. Here's the bad part. I'm going to have dinner in a real live palace...a palace that's like something out of a little girl's Disney princess fantasy, only REAL!! And I will not be allowed to take photos! You're just going to have to rely on my awesome powers of description...and hope that I have a good memory of 'Palace Food'.

OK, so fast forward to today...I'm leaving for the Middle East in 2 days!!!!!  I figured it was time to get some photos in...who knows if I'll be able to post while I'm away...

Right now, my thoughts are pretty much consumed with leaving for UAE and making sure that I'm set and ready to go. I've managed to run most of my errands and have started packing. I'm sure that I'll be rushed in the end though. I always am when it comes to travel. Anyway, enjoy the photos now...I may not be able to photograph all of my food in the UAE.

 french toast muffin
 salad with beef chili
greek yogurt


oatmeal, yogurt and apple
 salad and pesto pasta
 salad in class
fried green tomatoes at Sweet Cheeks BBQ

 2/29/12--LEAP DAY!!!
eggs, potatoes and sausage
 salad and squash soup
 pumpkin appetizer and salad at Ariana
 I believe I had lamb...there's rice and lentils there too
fro-yo---coconut froyo with all sorts of sugar added

orange, oatmeal and french toast muffin
salad, mushroom and barley soup with mixed fruit

breakfast sandwich with cinnamon coffee cake
 salad and pesto pasta
 chocolate chip mini loaf
Cheeseboy!!! Provolone, pepperoni, tomato, basil and roasted red peppers with tomato soup

protein box and greek yogurt from Starbucks
 lemon pound cake
 salad with cookie and yogurt
 salad and spicy wings
pizza at Regina's

eggs with cheese and salsa and toast with jam
 Dim Sum assortment
Dim Sum scallops...

fruit, granola, yogurt and chocolate chip muffin
 salad, cake and chick pea and lentil stew
 Greek salad
 DUCK!!!! When duck is on the menu...order it!
from Sibling Rivalry
chocolate tart with hazelnuts and caramel

banana, oatmeal, yogurt and melon
 pistachio muffin

I forgot to photograph my was a large Firehouse Salad with french fries
 Mezze platter at the Beehive
Chicken Tikka Masala at the Beehive...I do not recommend it...

Apparently, I forgot to photograph my food...
Breakfast, yogurt, chocolate cinnamon bread and mixed fruit

Lunch was a greek salad from the Paradise Bakery

For dinner, it's nachos and popcorn...

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