Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm gonna go there...

As you know, I've started a course of amoxicillan to kill every last bit of strep in my throat...and that I'm expecting certain side effects. Well, one has reared it's ugly head already. It's pretty well known that taking antibiotics can cause certain amounts of lower gastro-intestinal distress. I mean, it makes sense. The antibiotics go in and kill all the bacteria, not just stuff making me sick. So it kills off all the bad stuff and all the good stuff too. Well, what I didn't know is that amoxicillan is amongst the worst offenders for this type of side effect!'s my dilemma, I like to eat alot of vegatbles. I like my fiber. By doing so now, am I helping to 'firm things up' so to speak, or am I just giving it more ammunition??


I swear, there's 3/4 of a cup of Uncle Sam cereal under all that fruit!
 left-over from the other night
 I finally cooked for myself!!!! Chicken, couscous with onion and red pepper, zucchini and steamed broccoli

Yummm...fortunately, 1 pint did not equal one serving


breakfast of champions...notice the yogurt??
Buffalo salad a the Sail Loft...just imagine something similar for lunch.

Two salads today...see what I mean? Ammunition??

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