Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Comfort eating

Good news!! No gastro-intestinal distress today...then again, I forgot to take my lunch time dose. Maybe that saved my "stomach" today. And a good thing too! It's that season at work when I'm chained to my desk answering phone calls and e-mails and processing paperwork. Basically, I spend my days responding to other people's urgencies...everyone desperately needs everything four days ago. It's called Not-November.

Anyway, I did take a sorta different eating tact today. I went with lots-o-veggies for lunch and then had a bunch of carbs for dinner. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when I remember to take all of my medication doses...I guess you can say that I tried to eat for comfort today!

Yogurt...for the prevention of unbearable itching...
 roast pork, steamed broccoli, curried cauliflower and salad...ammunition!
 pizza and sushi...de-arming the missile?
Oh, Popcorn! How I've missed you!

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