Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Really, I'm not being selfish

I'll bet you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie...I'll also bet that they've changed the name of it. Either way, each year, you buy a box or two (or four), scarf them and are then forced to wait for a year to get more. Yuck, it's the worst!!!! Well, I found a recipe online for my favorite Girl Scout cookie...and a few other sites where you can find recipes for yours. And you know what? I'm not going to share this information. Why? For once, it's not because I'm selfish. Nope. This time, it's because I'm having a not so great night and am having comfort food cravings and want to protect all of our thighs and bellies.

Yeah, tonight has been full of ups and downs. I gave into nachos...you'll see. The downs are school-related, but so is one of the ups. Another up? I've almost got my August vacation nailed down! My August vacation involves my first trip to Disneyland!!!!!! And chocolate covered Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream on a stick. Disneyland is DEFINITELY a special sugar occasion. And that means that I'll need a plan, to set limits for myself, to not go overboard and to (somehow) eat many many vegetables. Maybe they'll have a Mickey Mouse shaped broccoli?


A banana with my morning coffee

OK, real breakfast...guess where!

Blackened chicken with mango salsa and salad with balsamic vinaigrette. Unsweetened ice tea in the corner there too!

OK, so before we get to dinner, there was a small dish of coffee-oreo frozen yogurt with chocolate sprinkles...the picture is me with the yogurt, and I don't like the picture, so I'm not posting it. Then, there was a bag of the bad-for-me popcorn before I went running.

Dinner...chicken, potatoes w/ ketchup and broccoli.

Normal regular breakfast


Salad with cut up pear and a whole wheat and flax pita for dinner

And there's the nachos...at least it's low fat cheese.

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