Friday, June 17, 2011

Phew! 3 days in one!

Wow! I don't like going so long without writing. I miss my daily check-in!

Anyway, here's some good news that I've been waiting to share...My total weight loss is at 14 pounds!!! I've been getting these results on the scale for awhile and just kept forgetting to report them. It feels pretty darned good!!!

The last few days have been pretty busy...there's been a ton of homework, class, the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup, class, more homework and  boxing tonight! Whew! That's a ton-o-activity! When we get this busy, it's so easy to get off track with our least it is for me. When I'm too busy to make my own meals, that's when the pizza-monster comes knockin' on my door. What helps me is having a plan, knowing in advance what the right choices are, and keeping healthy snacks on hand (a.k.a. keeping junk out of the house).

We all know that I'm not perfect at keeping junk out of the house...but did you know that I'm REALLY good at carrying healthy snacks with me? Have food, will travel! I almost always have an apple and some almonds in my bag. I say 'almost' because I was very disappointed to find no almonds in my bag this evening when I wanted them. I was starving when I left boxing class tonight! I did stop and buy a banana but didn't get anything else because I was certain that those almonds were in my bag. Darn. I had to wait a little longer than I would have liked to eat. Remember this, because when you see tonight's dinner, you'll see why planning and carrying snacks is so important...

Standard regular normal breakfast. Have I mentioned that it feels good to get back to my Uncle Sam Cereal?!

Keeping it on track with a big salad and an egg for protein

An apple and 2 ounces of cheese...yes, I weighed it.

And THIS is the meal I was eating while the Boston Bruins were kicking Canuck-Ass!!!!!!! And winning game 7!

I was darned tired after going out into the craziness after the Bruins won...I was lucky to put together a remotely healthy meal. You'll notice that the milk is 2%....the cafeteria was out of skim.

Lunch at Panera!! Where else? I just couldn't get it together to make my lunch after being up until 2am...because the BRUINS WON THE STANLEY CUP!!!!!! I was tired and Boloco was close...I got the small size, that counts, right? I also got the wheat tortilla and brown rice. There's some pinto beans and guac in there too.

And I had to get some sushi on the way home...brown rice of course!

OK, regular breakfast...UNTIL, I realized that those potatoes had syrup/sugar on them. Ugh. I ate them. They were delicious.

OK, so the salad was healthy...and the pizza monster won today. But, hey, I'm not going to feel bad, You know why? Because I have not eaten pizza in months! AND this was only one thin slice, not a whole pie. I'm working a moderation angle here...

A little watermelon and a cappuccino for a snack

So, before I got home, I had that banana I mentioned earlier.

And this is my Indian food....I was halfway done before I remembered to take a picture. See, hungry. Anyway, it was chicken madras curry, basmati rice, garlic naan and salad. Lots of carbs.

Really love those peaches!! What a great dessert after yummy spicey Indian food.

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