Sunday, June 12, 2011

I ran 6.56 miles tonight!!!!

What a day!! I did a bunch of homework all times, fun times. Today, I ran 6.56 miles!!! Not bad for the girl who couldn't make 3.5 miles a couple of months ago! My time's not great, but I'm not looking for speed. First and foremost, I'm looking to meet my weekly exercise goal. Second, I don't want to die in my upcoming race, and I'd prefer to not have to walk during it.

If you remember, my goals for June were:
  • boxing class on Friday night
  • 1 run per week
  • minimum 1 social activity per week (boxing and running don't count)
Well, this week, I made my two work-outs and had dinner with my boxing instructor and another woman on Friday, ran into some school friends on Saturday and had dinner with J tonight. One of the first things she said to me tonight was that she could tell that I've lost weight and how good I looked! She actually said it twice!! I haven't really lost any more since I called it at 11 pounds lost, but that's OK. I kinda knew this would happen. I haven't gained any back...and THAT'S the point! And I don't feel insanely stressed...and THAT's the point! So far, it's working for me!


Ham, egg and cheese on whole grain, cappuccino and fruit---strawberries and mango, and then cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes and watermelon

Greek salad with the lemon chicken orzo soup, bread and iced tea

OK, ok, I'm trying to get the chips out of my system! This was the last of more in the house. Just popcorn.

I love when I have such a good example the Plate Method of portioning!!! 1/2 a plate of steamed broccoli, 1/4 plate parsnips (as my starch) and 1/4 plate meat. Believe it or not, that steak is only about 2.75oz...I've been buying the thin-sliced meat lately and it's really helping my portion control!


Breakfast at home!!! Scrambled eggs with low fat cheese and salsa, fresh berries & mango and whole wheat & flax pita with coffee

So, I forgot to photograph my was a standard lunch salad, just in a real bowl instead of in the normal plastic container.

I also forgot to photograph my dinner...J pointed this out as I was reaching for my camera to photograph dessert. For dinner, I made boneless chicken breasts and butternut squash & mushroom risotto. J made a salad that we had with homemade mustard dressing. After my run this evening, the risotto was like a little piece of heaven! CARBS! I kept my portion size in check and DID NOT go back for seconds! I wanted to though. I've got a bunch left over, you'll definitely see the risotto tomorrow.

Fresh fruit dessert! J brought over the raspberries, I had just cored and sliced up a fresh pineapple and there's a little bit of strawberry down in there too. I was wishing for homemade whipped cream with this...

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