Friday, June 3, 2011

Saggy spandex

Today feels like a bit of a blur...not because it went by fast, but because there was mind-numbing repetition for most of it. I think I reviewed 50 files at work! Anyway. After work, I went to boxing class. So, that means that I achieved my main fitness goal for the week!! After boxing, we went out for sushi. That means that I achieved my social goal for the week!! But here's the best part, I may try to get in another boxing class tomorrow and I have a run planned for Monday night! Somewhere in all of that, I'll get a little more social time in too (I hope). Here's one of the best things that happened to me boxing instructor grabbed hold of my spandex and said that 6 weeks ago they were much fuller of flesh. Did I ever mention that my boxing instructor is a bit of pig? Either way, my spandex is looser today than it was 6 weeks ago!

A seemingly standard breakfast this week. Next week, I gots to get me back to my cereal!

Last of the stir-fry and brown rice!!!! I added 2 packets of soy sauce.

Green salad at Hana Sushi. Lots of ginger in that orange dressing stuff.

To be fair, I also had one shumai, 1 goyoza, and 2 tempura peppers.

My rolls!! Salmon with avocado and apple--so much better than it sounds! and Spicy tuna with cucumber.

This was absolutely the best sushi I've eaten to date!!!!

And, of course, popcorn at home.

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