Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you blink you'll miss it

Phew! I got my paper in at the VERY LAST MINUTE! Yup. And I'm not stressed. I procrastinated and I did the best I could given the time constraint I was left with. Now, I've got to figure out how to finish my homework for class tomorrow, the homework for the next class and get going on my other project in addition to all of next week's work! Can someone remind me why I decided to get an MBA?? Anyway, let's just get to the food photos...I've got to make my lunch for tomorrow and get to bed.

I love making breakfast at home!! I spent the majority of the day with my hairdresser...so I was home to make real scrambled eggs with low fat cheese and salsa, 2 mini whole wheat/flax pitas and a bowl of fruit...and you can see that I really do drink my coffee black! And that's my favorite coffee mug!! I have a different mug for different beverages...one of my tea mugs has a giraffe for a handle.

Standard salad while at the hairdresser.

I gotta go to the grocery tomorrow after class though...I got a bite of a yucky tomato today and had no where to spit it out! Gross!

Middle eastern snack! 2 pitas, red pepper hummus and tabouli. Notice how the hummus is just a little bit?? Well, 1 TBS is a serving of hummus! It doesn't look like a lot, but it's very satisfying.

And there's all my paper-writing 'stuff' under my plate! 2 little baby thin-sliced pork chops, steamed mixed veggies with a little butter, and steamed parsnips instead of a starch. Actually, I probably had too many starchy vegetables tonight. Those mixed veggies are almost all of the starchy variety!

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