Friday, May 13, 2011

We all need sunshine

Sorry folks, photos will have to come a little later when I'm at my own computer...but wanted to get the post up now that the site is back up!

Post for 5/12/11---Blogger is ‘read-only’ tonight…sucks because I was looking forward to writing and sharing about the wonderful dinner I had tonight at Hungry Mother in Kendall Square. Let’s just say that pretty much nothing was on my food list and it was delicious!!!!

I mentioned that I had a great visit with my nutritionist the other day and that she was impressed with my progress. She did ask about my vitamin D intake and said that I should be taking a supplement that has at least 1000 IUs (international units) of D3, not D2. I had to ask what D3 and D2 were…she explained that D3 is the fat soluble version of vitamin D and that it is far more powerful than the man-made D2. She said that people who take a supplement made with D2 need to take over 5000 IUs just to get enough Vitamin D. She said that D3 is found in vitamins that are food-based rather than man-made. Luckily, my vitamins are food-based and contain plenty of D3.

There are surprisingly few food sources of Vitamin D. Mostly fish and dairy products (which are fortified with Vitamin D). Our bodies can make Vitamin D, but need sunlight to do so. It’s kinda like our own version of photosynthesis but without being green. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and calcium is necessary if you want strong bones. You know, those things that give your body shape and protect your organs, little things like that. Bone loss can give us that hunchback of Notre Dame look when we’re old and grey. This is certainly more common in women, but not impossible in men. Me? I’d like to be able to stand up straight if I make it to 70. So, get plenty of sunshine, it's good for your bones! Just remember to wear your sunscreen.

You know what else is good for bone strength? Exercise! Yeah, so far only one work-out this week. I’ll make three though, don’t worry. I don’t have much more time that I can commit to three per week! I have plans to go to boxing class tomorrow and on Saturday. Then, I’ll force myself to run on Sunday…J is away, so I’ll have to run alone. I’m not looking forward to that.

Breakfast happened in two parts because I forgot my ID to get into the office. I figured that I'd eat the eggs while they were still hot. And I couldn't resist the fresh plump blueberries!

For something a little different, I added a banana to my berries and Uncle Sam.

Basic salad for lunch...

AND....On to Hungry Mother's for dinner.....

Fiddleheads with soy sauce and sesame seeds

Goat cheese tart with ham...OMG! I don't even like goat cheese and I LOVED this!!!

Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of salad. Hmmm, it was some basic greens, with cukes and radishes and a very light vinaigrette.

6 oz steak with collard greens and pureed parsnips. In the background, those are grits with cheese and ham!

We were good and skipped dessert, but they sounded amazing!!


  1. Many of my friends in Seattle are on vitamin D supplements as we don't get enough sun here.

  2. Vitamin D is awesome! I had to go on supplements last month, and it has changed my life.. I have so much more energy. How were the fiddleheads? I've always wanted to try them!!