Thursday, May 26, 2011

Once again, 2 for 1

I've got a lot on my mind this, work, exercise, eating, warm weather, ways in which George Bush has ruined our country, missed opportunities, confidence, benchmarking change, sleep, shopping and how to accomplish everything I need to do.

I recently had an opportunity to reflect on where I was mentally and emotionally two years ago and where I'm at now...So much has changed, so much is still the same. Whether it's in my school, work or personal life, I've noticed that my levels of self confidence and my self image rises and falls with my level of experience in a given area. I've noticed that I sit back, watch and wait. I participate hesitantly at first. Once I have a little experience, I jump in wholeheartedly. I wonder, how do I get to a point where I can trust myself enough to just jump?

Wednesday 5/25/11

Plain non-fat yogurt with berries and uncle sam cereal and an egg for breakfast

There was a standard salad with some steak on it for lunch...I forgot to photograph it though.

Fruit salad for a snack....I had dinner plans that didn't happen   :-(

Since my dinner plans fell through, I had a snack of some cheese and an apple.

Thursday 5/26/11

For breakfast, some scrambled eggs with salsa and oatmeal with cinnamon

Panera!! Greek Salad, bistro onion soup, french baguette, and cranberry hibiscus iced tea

A little fruit and cheese at the office party. I also had a scallop wrapped in bacon and a bite size chicken chile empenada

For dinner, I had my usual lunch salad (that I forgot to photograph)

At home, was having a carb craving. When the popcorn didn't do it, I had these berries and a few pieces of cheese

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