Monday, May 2, 2011

Not my best day

Ok, so I got one of my three work-outs in tonight. It's gonna hurt tomorrow. Last week, after boxing and a mini abs class, I've been sore for days. Tonight, I did a full abs class with weights. I did something like 200 sit-ups. I lost count around 165...when I couldn't really move any longer and started falling back before sitting up fully.

Today was a strange eating day. Normal food, normal times, but I was hungry by 10am. Normally, my snack is at 11am and lunch is at 1pm. I stuck it out for 1pm, but it was difficult. Then, I forgot to bring a snack to have on the way home from the gym tonight. Needless to say, I was pretty hungry when I got home. Top all that off with being over tired from staying up to watch the news last night and we've got the makings of an eating disaster!

So, how'd I do?? Not bad during the day. But tonight, not so good.

Good start to the day...

Early snack...

Basic salad for lunch, swap the chicken for steak, and you have today's lunch...I added the champagne vinaigrette dressing from Trader Joe's too.

There was a non-fat latte in here too.

Dinner leftovers...shhhh. Cauliflower, hot sausage and onions with steamed broccoli

Aaaaaaand, here's where we start to go down hill....there was Trader Joe's low fat popcorn before this too. At least the TJ's popcorn is a small bag and something like 130 calories...and no trans fat!

OK, these were a curiosity sugar, no preservatives. I ate a bunch...shoulda counted.

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