Monday, May 9, 2011

OH! Happy day!


I think it's endorphins...I had a grrrrr-eat! work-out tonight. I had a wonderful night!!! On my way home, I ran into a friend that I hadn't seen in 2 or 3 years...he didn't recognize me it'd been so long. No matter, I was just so happy to see him! On my second train, I ran into another friend that I hadn't seen in months. What a perfect night! 

AND, I did 340 sit-ups tonight!!! Oh yeah, and that's work-out #1 for the week.

Anyway, I'm too pumped to sit here and on to the food!

Healthy yummy breakfast!!  I got a huge thing of Strawberries at TJ's for $4.99...I'll be eating a lot of them this week. And those are some scrambled eggs.

Snack it to me!! An orange and a brie bite...I've said it before, I'm sure that when I read the label for that brie bite that it'll come right off the food plan. I'm avoiding reading the label. Yeah. It's that good.

WOW!!! Isn't that a gorgeous salad!?

A little pre-work-out snack on the T. The pears just seemed like such a good idea in the grocery and they're sooooo yummy! If I remember correctly, pears have a pretty high amount of fiber.

I was so hungry that I ate half the sushi before taking a picture! Frozen mixed veggies with a little butter...the sushi is salmon, tuna and shrimp with spicy mayo and brown rice.

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