Saturday, May 21, 2011

Short post for 5/21/11

Well, folks, it's late, so tonight is another short short post.

I went to see my friend kickbox tonight. She is FIERCE!!!!!!! I think I wanna be like Killer Bee and kickbox! I even e-mailed my boxing instructor during the match...all he had to say was 'told ya so told ya so told ya so'. See, I got all the moves those girls were doing. I just need some training using them on another person and I could be fierce too. Although, when J first met me, it was in boxing class and she was afraid of me. Maybe I already am fierce? Just gotta finish school first...

This has been a pretty interesting eating weekend so far...and it's gonna get better tomorrow at brunch! A and I have reservations at Abe and Louie's. After brunch, it's totally time to get back on track. I bought a new bathing suit today. If I expect to be able to wear it in public, I've got a few more pounds to lose!

Panera!!!! The raspberries were on sale for $1.99!!! So, I added them to my fruit. Raspberries are probably my favorite fruit! Did you know that they have something ridiculous like 2 calories each?

Greek Salad from the Paradise Bakery. Best part?? First nice day in Boston in FOR-EVER and A and I ate outside!!

Dinner at Fire and Ice--stir fry of beef, yellow squash, zucchini, snow peas, green onions & peppers with some kind of spicy mushroom sauce, hot sauce, white rice and 2 flour tortillas. Salad--lettuce, tomato, cukes and corn with balsamic vinaigrette. THEN, I caved and had a virgin lava flow to drink---it's a coconut and strawberry frozen drink. So far, no massive sugar cravings...I'm not going to tempt it further though!

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  1. Heather- I am so glad you came. I know for me, kickboxing has been a lot about getting inspired. I get pushed every day to go further and be better and I can't tell you how much I admire and aspire to be like the people I train with.

    I am so thrilled that last night helped inspire people- whether it be to reach their own fierceness goals :) or just to show that women can hold their own. I think everyone left last night with a new definition of the word strength- I know I did! Anyways, I'm sorry I didn't get so say bye to you in person, or thank you in person- but... THANK YOU so much for being there! Booyah for embracing our fierceness! XO, go for it!, and love!