Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2 Days in 1 post!

Hi all!! Tonight's gonna be short and sweet and a bit like a BOGO Sale...you know, buy one get one. Except you don't have to buy anything to read my posts. Anyhow, I'm having two late nights in a row...last night of freedom last night and class tonight. I guess it's good practice though for what my life and posts will be like during the semester.

I heard about something called the Blood Type Diet today. I have no idea what it is and plan to do a little poking around soon...All I've heard is that it's total bull, but I'm curious!

MONDAY 5/23/11

Nothin' new here...

I think there's somewhere between 20 and 24 raw almonds. I looked up what a serving is and went by that.

Told ya you'd see that Abe and Louie's steak again!! And look! Spaghetti squash!

Hey wait! Where's dinner??? Well, I inadvertently skipped dinner. Yes, inadvertently. I went to the movies and had popcorn (no butter) and water.

TUESDAY 5/24/11

Oatmeal with cinnamon and scrambled eggs

Greek Salad with baguette. I only used one of the dressings.

Damn cafeteria closes early on summer schedule. Had to go to Bolocco (it's closer than Panera). SO, I got me a buffalo chicken burrito for dinner.

OK, so, this week my new goals start...main goal is go to boxing class on Friday night. I'd also like to commit myself to 1 run (4-6 miles) per week and at least one purely social activity per week. It is OK to combine a workout with J or H to make a social activity. Boxing class, however, does not count as purely social, but dinner with my classmates and/or the instructor does.

So, that's the plan for now through the month of June. I've got some good habits going, need to keep them up!! More tomorrow when I'll hopefully have more time...lots of homework though. Gotta love grad school!

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