Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Challenges

OK, it's late. I just submitted my final exam for global economics. This means that I've completed the semester. Good or bad, it's done. I never really feel all that confident about my test submissions. I always do fine, but I never feel confident. I hope this is one of those times. I really want an A in this class...

I bought one of my books for summer classes today and my other book was shipped today. Fundraising Basics. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Considering that my other class is Financial Management for Nonprofits, fundraising is pretty exciting.

I also signed up for a 10K race today. This is going to be tough. Training for a 6 mile race is definitely in keeping with my commitment to 3 work-outs a week, HOWEVER, the race is June 26th. I'm going to be right in the middle of school-hell at the end of June. I'm at 2.5-3 miles now. I've got to get up to at least 5 and fast! Wish me luck.

As for my eating today, I did really well! I was having some carb cravings that were pretty much unbearable, so I gave in. I was paying attention to my body. Maybe I needed carbs, maybe I spent too much time reading about cravings and the raw food diet...either way, I had some pasta with lunch today.

Standard, regular lunch...3/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal, approximately 1 cup of fresh berries, 8 oz skim milk and one hard boiled egg.

Yummy salad--lettuce, tomato, carrots, cukes, red peppers, purple cabbage, red onion and sunflower seeds with TJ's Champagne Vinaigrette. The pasta was called Taco Mac and Cheese and had hamburger and salsa in it. It was to die for!!

The photo was taken at home, but I had an orange and a mini-brie bite for my afternoon snack today. I'm sure that there's something in that cheese that I should not be eating...but it's too darned good and only 70 calories!

Tacos for dinner!! I had 3. Ground beef with taco seasoning, lettuce, tomato, light sour cream, light cheese, salsa and flour tortillas.

And TJ's microwave popcorn as I write.

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  1. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo a day early I see.