Saturday, May 7, 2011


I did it!! Work out number four with plans for a run tomorrow!!

As an eating day, today was pretty good. Not my norm, but good. The challenge of eating out is always a tough one to live up to. Sometimes just not having dessert has to be enough. I overheard someone talking about how he had to learn that he was enough, not worse than and not more than. Just, enough. That's what some eating days are, just, enough.

Actually, that's a really good subject. I've said it before that I'm only competitive with myself. Well, I'm a bit of a perfectionist with most everything that I do. This doesn't mean that I don't make mistakes. It does mean that I push myself harder than you ever could. Is it always hard enough? Is it sometimes too hard? No and YES. It means that sometimes I beat myself up over not meeting my food and work-out goals perfectly. I also means that whether I meet my goals, I have to be honest with myself. I can not say that I did better or worse than I did. Honesty.

I do my best to take an honest food inventory on a daily basis. Sometimes, I make the choice to eat foods that are not on the food plan. Sometimes I forget to take a picture of what I eat. Sometimes I don't report what I've I don't always tell you that I've eaten popcorn. (I can tell you that my popcorn was lost to the flood the other night...and that I have not had the stuff with the trans fat since I decided to read the label.) Or, like tonight, I ate three slices of pepperoni while making dinner. Ordinarily, I would not report that. I also do not always tell you how much coffee or tea I drink and I don't think I've ever reported the amount of water that I drink.

What I can tell you though, is that for my purposes, what I've kept an inventory of is enough. I am more likely to tell you about a latte than a coffee or a cup of tea or water. Why? Because the latte has calories. Since I drink my coffee black with no sugar, there are no calories. Same for water, I don't add anything to it. Let's suffice to say that I often do not drink enough water.

What's good about something being enough and not perfect? Well, perfect is an awfully high standard to live up to! Enough is recognizing that I'm not perfect, that as long as I put forth my best effort, that it is good enough. Enough is recognizing that I don't have to have the longest or the toughest work out. Sometimes, breaking a sweat is enough. Sometimes, walking home from work is enough.

Here's the thing about enough, though. We have to be honest with ourselves. It means that if I eat a piece of cake, that I have to tell you about it, that I must report it here. (I promise, I have not had a piece of cake!!) It means that I report my failures as well as my successes. It means that it's OK to go off the food plan once in awhile, but not everyday. It means that when I make choices that are not in my own best interest, that I have to own my transgressions and accept that I made the choice.

So, while today was not perfect, I made the best choices that I could. My choices were good enough.

2 eggs scrambled with taco seasoned ground beef, tomatoes, onions, yellow squash, mushroom, salsa and low fat cheese with an orange. No coffee this morning because I was off to boxing and would've been peeing non-stop!

Vegetarian lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's! Mostly tofu...I don't think I've eaten soy since the last time that I singled out in my menu.

Cashew and almond chicken, made spicy!! Why did I choose this? It really did look like the least of all evils on the menu. It's got some sort of garlic sauce that seemed to be the least likely to have a significant amount of sugar and it had a whole bunch of veggies. And that's brown rice under there...

What you don't see is the hot and sour soup that I took one tiny taste of and could NOT have any more!! It smelled of cow shit and wet hay. Gross! Seriously, it smelled like the barn of a childhood friend of mine.

I did have a skinny vanilla latte before coming home...

For dinner, left over Indian food. I added some steamed broccoli tonight though. Madras curry with chicken, basmati rice, and curried cauliflower.

And in the interest of full disclosure, a cup of mint tea.

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  1. They say smell is the strongest sense tied to memory. Thank God I didn't have a barn, or I'd have a serious complex right now that nasty poo smells reminded you of being with me.