Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After all, tomorrow is another day

If yesterday was the yin, today is definitely the yang. I'm very glad that this day is ending. What's so bad about it, you ask? Well, any day that starts with a trip to 'the female doctor' isn't starting off on a high. And the truth is, I don't even mind that appointment all that much. I'd rather see her than the dentist. At least with her, it's in, out, over in under 10 minutes.

So what could be so bad about today that I just want to sleep so that it will be over? Well, I got my grade back for my group presentation. 15 out of 20 points. That's 75% for those who aren't good at math. That's a C. I'm devastated. What you need to understand about me is that wrap an awful lot of my identity up in to getting good grades. Seriously, after seeing the presentations of the other groups, I didn't think that we earned an A, but a C?! That's saying that we did the bare minimum amount of work. That's 200 points for writing your name! Now I'm waiting on my final exam grade...I have no idea how I did on that. Let's just hope that it's enough to save my overall grade.

Anyway, I received this grade and then went out to lunch. While walking through the park, I noticed that one of the geese families only had 4 goslings with them. I sincerely hope that this is not one of the families that I've been watching. Those families had 5 and 6 goslings. I know that not every baby animal out there is going to make it in the wilds of Boston, but I kinda feel like those were my baby goslings. I'll just  have to pay more attention in the upcoming days to find out.

On the up-side, I did see a kind of duck that was completely new to me. There will be pictures on my facebook page for anyone who's interested. Coming back from lunch, I ran into a friend from the gym who had a a meeting at my school. Unfortunately, the rest of the afternoon felt like being hit by a truck.

These are the kind of days when I want to order a pizza and sit in front of the television. Well, I did neither. I went to sleep around 6pm and got up at 9:30. This means that I did not order pizza. I did not sit in front of the TV. And I did not exercise. I also did not eat sugar or fatty snacks. This is my triumph in the face of a day that was soul-crushing.

I spent some time at Panera before my doctor's appointment this morning.  The fruit is strawberries, raspberries and mango. YUM!!

I had yogurt for a mid morning snack--plain, non-fat.

Large salad from Fresh City with a little balsamic vinaigrette

Thin sliced pork chop, fried potatoes and corn with a little butter. I put some Adobo with tomato on the potatoes to give that red color you see.

I've been buying thin sliced meat lately. It's much easier to get the portion sizes right when the butcher is on your side...Seriously, a portion of meat is between 2 and 4 ounces. I find that most meat is cut into much larger portions when pre-packaged or served in restaurants.

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