Monday, July 25, 2011

What's your favorite?

I got some advice on my blog tonight...apparently, my cousin read the entire thing last night. He said that I should solicit comments from my readers, ask direct questions...OK. I'm down with that. I mean, I know that people are reading, I'm just not sure WHO is reading...unless, of course, you tell me that you're reading. Sooooo, I'll try 'the Bird's' idea...Since I'm home in NYS with family, it's got me thinking about family food and things that I grew up with.  Me, I love my mom's spaghetti!!

Did you ever notice that the food we grew up with can evoke such vivid memories? Whether it's times at the dinner table, or in a family favorite restaurant...or stopping at McDonald's with the team after a game, having steamed clams at the field day, ice cream cones from the stand down the street...or so many other remembrances of times past. Maybe you remember more recent that night out celebrating with friends, or maybe it's a holiday dinner that you hosted, or just grilling on a Tuesday...

Food is a glue that bonds us. We come together with family and friends over food. We share our lives and ourselves over food. We take part in caring for ourselves and for others through food. Food is nourishing and often nurturing. Food, like air and water, helps give life. It is only fitting that we have strong memories surrounding food.

What's your favorite food that you grew up with?? And the memories that you associate with it?

I was so happy to find a Panera for breakfast this morning...that I had a donut. Actually, I knew that a guy I went to high school with managed one here in Syracuse, but I didn't know which one.

Donut #2...

And, that guy I went to high school with...worked at the store I went to .... and he bought me lunch! What a nice guy!

Shish Kebob for dinner with hummus, a little falafel and salad

A little salad at my aunt's house

A little pasta at my aunt's house...

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