Saturday, July 2, 2011

Special Sugar Occasion

I'm just gonna put it out there right now....July 1 was a designated Special Sugar Occasion. And I took full advantage! The indulgence itself isn't what's really of note here though. What is of note, is how I responded to it. And that was to want junk food all day today. That kinda sucked.

However, I do not believe that we should be cutting anything out of our food plans entirely. Sugar definitely has its time and its place. In a perfect world, I would not have overdone it. Armed with that knowledge, the question is, what am going to do the next time I am presented with yummy sugary evil devilish badness?? Time will tell, but I hope it doesn't involve three pieces of cake in one night again.

Really, the sugar felt good going in and the little rush was good, but the crash after (and a bit of guilt) sucked afterwards. There was a funny sugar moment though...the birthday boy didn't want to cut his cake. He liked looking at it too much. Finally, he decides to cut it. I'm watching, my whole body tensed and ready to pounce...the moment he puts the knife into the cake, I scream 'YES!' And, yes, it was audible. Everyone at the party heard my little sugar-gasm.

I'm happy to report that my next designated Special Sugar Occasion will be when I go to Disneyland in August. It's where Sugar-gasms come true!


Ok, a little strange to go to Panera on a Friday...but not an unusual meal!

mango and strawberry snack


OK, so these are just little pizzas. I had two tiny slices of pepperoni. Before that, I had 2 slices of ice cream cake. I promise the slice sizes were reasonable. And I did take a picture, but it's on my phone and I don't feel like dealing with getting the pics from there to here.

This is soooooo not as bad as it looks. I had one of the little bread thingies with shrimp and one of the little crab cakes...there was also an eggroll later...

And, here it is, the piece de resistance!!!!! It's the Hulk Cake. No, really, it was green with a fondant sculpted figure of the Incredible Hulk fist-pounding the number 40...So, this cake was as incredible as the Hulk himself...and the chocolate filling...buttery and heavenly!


OK, believe it or not, that's only 2 eggs...with sausage, broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, onion and low fat cheese, a whole wheat and flax pita, and strawberries

coconut gelato with mango

There was a snack size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that I neglected to photograph too.

And a healthy dinner. Chicken with mango salsa over basmati rice and steamed broccoli with yellow squash

There was much popcorn tonight...

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