Saturday, July 30, 2011

Somethings you never forget

OK, real quick tonight...I'm up to my eyeballs in a school paper. One more's due on Monday. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can...

Still on that whole 'I just got back from NY weird brain thing'...Did you ever notice that there are some things that you can never forget? It's not that you want to or don't want to, it's just that you can't. You know them so well that they've become a part of you? On the drive from Syracuse to Rome, I decided to go a way that I hadn't been in longer than I can remember...Route 5. It's the way that we took to Gramma's house throughout my entire childhood. It's strange. So much of it looked nothing like it used to, but there was no question about where I was! It was almost as if that particular way was part of me. I knew the route as well as I know how to dress myself or tie my shoes. There are some things that we can never forget, no matter how much time and space has passed.

Along those lines, I was asked today to scan some photos from an old yearbook to help someone with an online memorial for people who went to my high school. I realized that there are some other events in our lives that are one time things that will forever stand out in our memories and never be forgotten. I can barely tell you what I had for dinner last night because there was nothing significant about it. But a friend's death in high school? That I can you about...I can tell you about the first field hockey game we played without our teammate...we tied. I can tell you all about the day I first found out that the boy who would become my first love was going to ask me out. We lost the field hockey game that evening, but I didn't care. So many events so far in the past that stay with us...yet, without this blog, I couldn't even tell you IF I had dinner last night!

What can you never forget?

mmmm mmmm scrambled Americuna eggs with chipotle salsa, organic 7 grain toast with fresh ground almond butter and strawberry jam (no sugar!), and a dish of fresh berries and melons. Yum!!!

The self-explanatory piece of fruit...

Mixed veggies with a tiny bit of butter, and chicken tikka masala served over brown basmati rice. Good, good dinner!

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