Thursday, July 7, 2011

We are all connected

Tonight I'm amazed at all of the beautiful and all of the horrible stories around me. I'm a little overcome and torn and don't know how to feel. On the one hand, I've got many wonderful things and people in my life and I'm so happy for so many of the friends that I consider to be family and their joys. And on the other hand, well, there's much sadness and loss and imminent loss...It's too important that we all lean on each other. That in times of strength we are able prop up those who need support. In our own times of weakness, whether physical or emotional, it's even more important to lean on those around us who are capable of supporting us. We are all connected. We never know who's life we'll touch or who will touch ours, but if we keep an open heart and 'attitude of gratitude' we'll be able to give and to receive help.

You know, it's not just about when times are tough, sometimes it's as simple as doing a favor for someone. Personally, I feel honored when my friends ask me to do something for them. It can be something as simple stopping at the store or something as big as being asked to care for a pet or a child. I'm constantly amazed and grateful that any of you would think of me for such an important task. These are important, they're easy to say yes to and easy to do.

What's more difficult is when the support requires us to give of ourselves. This is the stuff that amazes me even more that you would think of me to share these moments. These heartwrenching and life changing moments. I don't feel worthy. Thank you for sharing them with me. Thank you.

mmmm, breakfast.

I went to a work event today where they served lunch (I brought my own, just in case)...yummy turkey and brie sandwich, salad and fruit!

At this event, I was seated next to a woman who is on her own weight loss journey. She's lost 50 pounds in 7 or 8 months!! Wow!! She has some struggles with restricting her food to just the healthy stuff and told me that she has similar 'sickness' experiences when making the exception for not so healthy food.

Nectarine snack

And this is how I handled my feelings today...I actually had a pretty shitty afternoon and did not handle it in a constructive manner...they asked if wanted whipped cream. Sure!! And I made no attempt to stop the chocolate syrup drizzle...

OK, the salad is mine but only 1/2 the little dumpling thingies that I can't spell are mine.

Dinner should always be this beautiful!!! OK, once again, only 1/2 is mine!! The white roll--the White Tiger--is mine (tuna, avocado and cukes with salmon roe) and the roll to the far back left is mine (spicy salmon). The sushi and sashimi was split with A--salmon, mackeral and tuna.  All white rice, they did not offer brown as an option.

Frozen yogurt from Mixx---I forget what flavor I had, but it was goo-ood!!!! It was sweet and creamy and based on a vegetable! It's some starchy vegetable, similar to a potato. I'm sure one of you will know...

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